Case Studies

Across our company, the spirit of innovation inspires us. To maintain and expand our connections with consumers, we are always working to provide new experiences — in products, packaging, marketing, sales and many other areas. The objective is to keep our brands fresh and relevant, forge even stronger connections with consumers and expand our “moments of consumption”.

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The Rita Family


When we launched Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita in 2012, we created not just a new beer, but also a new category: Our first product designed to be enjoyed over ice or in mixed drinks, to appeal to an expanded range of consumers. We have continued to grow the Rita family, with the introduction of Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita this year. Within the U.S. industry, Straw-Ber-Rita was the most successful product launch of 2013. The Rita family is expanding the market for our brands, with many consumers switching to them from wine, hard liquor and other beverages. We added to the Rita family, with Cran-Brrr-Rita in fall 2013. Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber- Rita will follow in spring 2014.

Cooling the Inner Heat


In 2013, we launched Harbin Cooling nationally in China, following a successful pilot in selected markets in 2012. With essences of chrysanthemum and honeysuckle, in keeping with the Chinese tradition of cooling the “inner heat” from spicy foods, Harbin Cooling is a popular complement to meal occasions.

Aluminum Bottles Prove Their Metal


We believe aluminum bottles will be the packaging of the future for many beers. In addition to a distinctive and differentiated image, our new aluminum bottles have twist-off caps that make opening and reclosing easy. The bottles help beer get cold faster and stay colder longer — with a goal of delivering the freshest, coldest, best-tasting beer possible. Aluminum bottles also have a recycling advantage over glass. We began offering new recloseable aluminum bottles for some products this year, with Bud Light Platinum leading the way as our first beer in this innovative packaging. In 2014, we will offer Bud Light in the “cool twist” 16 oz. recloseable aluminum bottle.

Project 12: The New Batch


We launched a second round of Project 12, in which each of our 12 U.S. brewmasters competed to create a new beer recipe inspired by classic Budweiser quality but with a unique flavor profile. Consumers were given a chance to choose the winner, and the first Project 12 competition led to the introduction of Budweiser Black Crown in 2013. Of the new batch of Project 12 beers, three were chosen as part of a limitededition sampler pack: Beechwood Bock, brewed with chocolate and caramel malts and finished on beechwood chips; North Pacific Lager, brewed with a unique blend of hops; and Vanilla Bourbon Cask, aged on bourbon barrel staves and vanilla beans for a slightly sweet taste.

Shock Top Expansion


Our Shock Top family continues to expand to satisfy craft beer lovers’ thirst for variety. Building on the popularity of Shock Top, an unfiltered wheat beer that has been one of our most successful brand introductions, we have introduced new varieties that offer novel taste experiences. These include Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat, a pioneering cider-plus-beer hybrid, and Shock Top Chocolate Wheat, brewed with chocolate malt for a rich chocolate taste and aroma, and designed to be mixed with Shock Top to create “Choc Top”.

New Store Coolers for a Big Chill


When consumers purchase beer in retail stores, we know that “the colder the beer, the better” for driving demand. This led our sales team to develop a series of special coolers. In place of a standard refrigerated unit, each cooler has been created to highlight the attributes of a particular brand — with customized designs that echo the brand’s packaging and unique brand identity. The new coolers help our off-trade partners in supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail locations in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Russia and China to keep our beer as cold as possible while displaying products in a highly visible and effective way.

A Supreme Match for Food


Our strategy to provide more products created specifically to complement dining occasions led us to launch Budweiser Supreme in China. A super-premium beer brewed for consumption in fine restaurants, Budweiser Supreme is gaining popularity in cities across China.

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