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We constantly strive to keep our brands fresh and relevant in the minds of consumers through initiatives such as new liquids, line extensions, creative approaches to brand identity and packaging, and new marketing and trade concepts. In this manner, we continually refresh the interest of existing consumers and consumption occasions.

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Copaço can for Brahma


In Brazil, we introduced a popular packaging innovation: the Copaço can for Brahma. With a removable lid that provides a much larger than normal opening, the Copaço gives the consumer the experience of drinking from a glass, with the convenience of a can.

Stella Artois Cidre


A clear example of a highly successful product innovation during 2011 was the launch of Stella Artois Cidre in the U.K. We saw the opportunity to capture a solid position in the premium cider market, which continues to grow, by offering consumers a product under a well-known brand. Stella Artois Cidre was an immediate hit - volume has been well above our expectations and the repeat purchase rate is impressive. A large part of this share came from new consumers moving into the cider category. The strong performance of this innovative product is also helping drive brand health for Stella Artois in the U.K.

The Bud Bowtie


The new global Budweiser visual identity, including the bowtie can with its unique red crown tab, demonstrates our commitment to packaging innovation. Launched in the third quarter of 2011, the new identity signals our aspirations to make Budweiser the leading global beer brand, and is motivating a new generation of young adult consumers to take a fresh look at a well-established brand.

Chernigivske’s New Brand Identity


In Central & Eastern Europe, innovations have included a new brand identity for our Chernigivske brand, which continues to be the most popular beer in Ukraine. Brand health has also been driven by the introduction of Chernigivske Pub Lager and Chernigivske Chezz line extensions.

Renovating and Innovating Quilmes


We have drawn upon innovation and renovation to reinvigorate brand preference for our Quilmes brand in Latin America South. This was accomplished through extensions such as Quilmes Lieber (an alcohol-free beer) in 2011, and Quilmes Bajo Cero (a smooth, refreshing brew) in 2010, along with new packaging such as returnable bottles and thermo chromatic labels that change color when exposed to cold - all of which served to draw new attention to the brand.

Bud Light Platinum


In the U.S., we announced the launch of Bud Light Platinum, aimed at expanding the market for what is already the world’s top-selling light beer brand. Other recent innovations in the U.S. included Shock Top Raspberry Wheat and Pumpkin Wheat, and Margaritaville Spiked Tea and Spiked Lemonade malt beverages, Michelob Ultra visual identity on packaging, and packaging innovations like the Michelob Ultra Golfer’s Six Pack, which provided beer drinkers a sleeve of golf balls along with five cans of Michelob Ultra.

Harbin Ice GD and Harbin 1900 Treasure


Among our product innovations in China in the past year were Harbin Ice GD and Harbin 1900 Treasure, two extensions of our national Harbin brand.

Innovation launches in Western Europe


Western Europe launched several innovations, including the introduction in Germany of Beck’s Lime, a refreshing mix of German lager with natural lime juice. We also launched Leffe Ruby, Leffe Printemps and Hoegaarden 0,0, a non-alcohol option, in Belgium.

Stella Artois Chalice Can


A beautiful new chalice can has been introduced globally to reinforce the Stella Artois brand image and is now available in several markets including Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The can features the classic chalice profile silhouetted against a silver background, for those occasions when a chalice is not available.

Elevating the Beer Shopping Experience in Latin America South


Another innovation in Latin America South is focused on elevating the beer shopping experience. We introduced a Quality Shelves program that provides retailers with attractive wooden racks for our beer, similar to the displays found in an upscale wine shop. We believe this program helps to highlight the prestige of our products and is consistent with our goal to grow the premium segment.

Packaging Variations for Skol


Innovation has been a major driver of our performance in Brazil. In recent years, for example, we have increased the packaging variations for Skol, giving the consumer a choice of 20 different size and package alternatives ranging from a 269 ml can to the popular 1L proprietary returnable bottle.

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