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The Belgian Beer Café® concept was awarded in Australia. The concept of Créneau International and Interbrew is very popular in Australia and New Zeeland.

Brussels, 4 October 2002 - During the yearly Australian Hotel Awards in the south of Australia, the Belgian Beer Café® Oostende was awarded the prestigious Bar & Presentation Award. The jury noted that "it has given beer drinking a sense of theatre and occasion..."

For Créneau International and Interbrew, The World's Local Brewer®, this prize does not come as a surprise, because the Belgian Beer Café concept is extremely popular in Australia and New Zeeland. Currently already 10 cafés have been set up in these two countries. Créneau International and Interbrew expect that there is more to come especially as there are new projects in the pipeline.

The award winning Australian Belgian Beer Café® is built according to the first Belgian Beer Café® concept. This concept represents the typical popular cafés dating back to the thirties and fifties. The nostalgic atmosphere from those years is created by the combination of old and new materials. In the interior you will see an old fireplace, dark oak panelling, impressive Flemish chandeliers and other authentic decoration materials.

In the middle of last year, a second Belgian Beer Café® concept was added to the first one, which was developed by Créneau International and Interbrew back in 1998. The second concept has a more urban touch to it and is inspired by the typical pub of the years 1900. Its characteristics are large mirrors, ornaments in copper, beautiful wooden tables and marble tiled floors in combination with wood.

In the mean time, Créneau International and Interbrew have build approximately 40 Belgian Beer Cafés® in the main cities of The Netherlands, France, Spain, Hungry, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, the US, New Zeeland, Australia and Belgium.

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