2017 Global Environment Goals
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Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Improved Logistics
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Citizenship Report 2013
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2017 Goals

We developed these targets with input from key internal and external stakeholders, and they represent the issues most material to our company and our stakeholders.

Responsibility for reaching our goals starts with senior management and extends out to the colleagues at our facilities. In fact, compensation for many of our employees is tied to achieving these goals.

In 2013, after achieving, and in some cases exceeding, all of our 2012 milestones, we established a new set of seven environmental targets to be reached by 2017, four of which are externally focused. To review our progress, please download our 2013 Global Citizenship Report.

2017 Environmental Goals

(set against a 2012 baseline)


  • Reduce water risks and improve water management in 100 percent of our key barley growing regions in partnership with local stakeholders
  • Engage in watershed protection measures at 100 percent of our facilities located in key areas in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Peru and the United States, in partnership with local stakeholders
  • Reduce global water usage to a leading-edge 3.2 hectoliters of water per hectoliter of production
  • Reduce global greenhouse gas emissions per hectoliter of production by 10 percent, including a 15 percent reduction per hectoliter in China
  • Reduce global energy usage per hectoliter of production by 10 percent
  • Reduce packaging materials by 100,000 tons
  • Reach a 70 percent global average of eco-friendly cooler purchases annually
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in logistics operations by 15% per hectoliter sold from a 2013 baseline

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