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2013 Global Citizenship Report
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AB InBev recognizes the important role that companies play in addressing the world's most serious environmental challenges, such as water scarcity and climate change.

We also know that real progress can only be made through the collective action of companies, communities, NGOs, governments and other stakeholders. That is why we participate in such initiatives as United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the UN Environmental Programme, the UN CEO Water Mandate and the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable.

We are working hard to increase efficiency throughout our operations and across our entire value chain. We have established seven environmental goals for 2017 that span our own operations and extend to our supply chain and beyond — into the communities where we operate. To help reach these goals, we employ a centralized environmental management system and have established an external advisory committee. We also report annually on our performance and our initiatives. Download our 2013 Global Citizenship Report for a review of our 2013 performance and initiatives.


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