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Brussels, March 30, 2005 - InBev announces the preliminary results of the mandatory tender offer launched on AmBev common shares in Brazil ("MTO").

The MTO started on February 14, 2005 and ended on March 29, 2005, on which date the "auction" was held in Brazil.

InBev is pleased to announce that the preliminary results of the MTO are the following:

The AmBev common shares tendered to the cash option and to the stock-for-stock option represent, on an aggregate basis, 81,23 % of the total number of outstanding AmBev common shares concerned by the MTO and will bring the total participation held, directly or indirectly, by InBev in AmBev to a 80,99 % voting interest and a 54,16 % economic interest.

More detailed information (including on settlement modalities and timing) will be made available on March 31, 2005.


Neither this press release nor any of the transactions referred to herein constitute an offer of securities for sale in the United States or in any other jurisdiction.

The InBev shares that may be delivered in connection with the stock-for-stock option will be reserved for holders of AmBev common shares accepting to tender their shares in the stock-for-stock option of the MTO and have not been nor will be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act"), or the securities laws of any state or any other country (other than Belgium) and may not be offered, pledged, transferred, or sold absent (i) registration of such securities under the Securities Act or the securities laws of such state or country, as the case may be, or (ii) an available exemption from such registration.

Under the terms and conditions of, and in connection with, the transactions referred to herein, no offer to acquire securities or to exchange securities for other securities has been made, or will be made, directly or indirectly, in or into, or by use of the mails, any means or instrumentality of interstate or foreign commerce or any facilities of a national securities exchange of, the United States or any other country in which such offer may not be made other than (i) in accordance with the tender offer requirements under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the tender offer requirements under Brazilian law or the securities laws of such other country, as the case may be, or (ii) pursuant to an available exemption from such requirements.

Neither this press release nor any of the transactions referred to herein constitute an invitation or an offer to the holders of AmBev common shares to tender such shares in the MTO and, accordingly, such holders should not rely on this press release for the purpose of the MTO or any other purpose.

Notice to U.S. Holders of AmBev common shares

The exchange offer referred to herein is made for the securities of a foreign company. The offer is subject to disclosure requirements of a foreign country that are different from those of the United States. Financial statements included in the document, if any, have been prepared in accordance with foreign accounting standards that may not be comparable to the financial statements of United States companies.

It may be difficult for you to enforce your rights and any claim you may have arising under the federal securities laws, since the issuer is located in a foreign country, and some or all of its officers and directors may be residents of a foreign country. You may not be able to sue a foreign company or its officers or directors in a foreign court for violations of the U.S. securities laws. It may be difficult to compel a foreign company and its affiliates to subject themselves to a U.S. court's judgment.

You should be aware that the issuer may purchase securities otherwise than under the exchange offer, such as in open market or privately negotiated purchases.

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