Diversity Supports and Strengthens Our Culture

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Supports and Strengthens Our Culture

Diversity helps us develop stronger ideas, and ensures our people can achieve their full potential.

Our Commitment to Creating an Inclusive Environment


Dream Chasers

Beer Makers

Moment Creators

Diverse Thinkers

Passionate Believers


These are our People.

We challenge ourselves to make AB InBev a community
Where everyone is included and respected.

We commit to creating an inclusive environment
Where all colleagues bring their authentic selves to work every day,
Where all colleagues respect the unique ingredients of each of us, and
Where innovation, creativity and inspiration thrive.

Our Dream of bringing people together for a better world starts within — we're all in.


Our Communities

Our commitment to an inclusive environment means encouraging the formation of unique communities for colleagues to connect and collaborate through shared experiences.


Women in Beer

Women in Beer is the global community for women. Women in Beer seeks to enhance the attraction, engagement and development of female colleagues through opportunities such as industry panels, networking events, mentoring, and community outreach.




L.A.G.E.R. (Lesbians and Gays, Everyone Respected) is the global LGBT community at AB InBev. Our members interact through lunches, meetings with other LGBT groups, brand events, cultural activities, and discussions with community leaders about gender and sexuality.




The Veterans community was created to recognize and support veterans, active duty military personnel and military families, both at AB InBev and within our local communities. For more than 150 years in the U.S., we’ve been proud to serve those who serve. We value our veterans and the perspective that they bring to our culture and our products. As part of our commitment, we lend our time, raise funds for veterans, and assist dependents of military families in the U.S. through our partnership with the Folds of Honor Foundation.


Porter-Brown Society

The Porter-Brown Society is our African-American community in the U.S. The name honors two of the first African-American executives at Anheuser-Busch, William Porter and Henry Brown. The group’s goal is to help navigate cultural complexities in order to drive a deeper, more meaningful connection with African-American employees and consumers.






PAC-Asia is the Asian-Pacific Islander community at Anheuser Busch in the U.S. Through internal and external events, PAC-Asia seeks to utilize their diverse backgrounds to raise visibility of the PAC-Asia perspective in internal conversations, to recruit diverse talent, and to build equity, relevancy and goodwill with consumers.



Our Brands Lead by Example

Some of our largest brands, such as Skol, Bud Light and Carling Black Label, have championed our values of respect and inclusion in their campaigns and have been forces for social change in our markets. We are proud of the pledges and commitments our brands have already made, and look forward to making a bigger global impact.  


Skol "Respect Is On"

In Brazil, Skol became the first beer brand to support the LGBT Pride Parade with a film that features the message “Respect Is On.”



Skol “Reposter”

Continuing its campaign for respect, for International Women’s Day 2017, Skol released a video called “Reposter” in which the brand invited six female illustrators to recreate past ads, making them more inclusive and respectful in their messaging. Skol acknowledges its evolution as a brand and is determined to communicate the value of diversity and the need for change.  



Skol #MarcasAliadas Movement

This year, Skol started a movement to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ inclusion by “donating” the “L” from the brand name to the LGBTQ+ acronym. For the month of June, Skol’s product name appeared as “Sko” in social media. Skol also invited other big brands in Brazil to do the same as part of the #MarcasAliadas movement, which means “united brands.” Each of the allied brands pledged to donate to organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community.


Bud Light

In America, Bud Light has long-standing support dating back to its first-ever LGBT-specific print ad in 1995, “Labels Belong on Beer, Not People.” Since then, Bud Light has partnered with LGBT icons like Ellen DeGeneres and supported same-sex marriage, gender identity inclusion, and equal pay with the Bud Light Party campaign.


Carling Black Label #NOEXCUSE

Carling Black Label in South Africa partnered with #NOEXCUSE and Takuwani Riime! to start an open platform movement, inviting South African men to take a stand against gender-based violence.



Read more about the campaign here.


Budweiser Freedom Reserve

A portion of the proceeds from AB’s Budweiser Freedom Reserve Red Lager, created by three of our own veteran brewers, went to Folds of Honor, a nonprofit that provides educational scholarships to military families. As of this year, we’ve raised $14 million in support of Folds of Honor.


Committed to Driving Change

Creating moments that bring people together doesn’t end with our colleagues. We are committed to driving change beyond our own organization.


Women’s Empowerment Principles

On September 26, 2016, Bernardo Pinto Paiva, the Zone President of our Latin America North operations, and CEO of Ambev, signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles as part of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Global Compact. The Principles promote education, development and gender equality for women at all levels of leadership, and also focus on human rights and nondiscrimination practices for all colleagues at work.


Promoting LGBT Rights

Our Brazil team signed a Commitment Letter to the Companies and LGBT Rights Forum, which summarizes 10 common commitments of Brazilian companies to the promotion of human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The forum aims to influence both the business environment and broader society in addressing LGBT rights.  

In Australia, Carlton & United Breweries pledged their support for marriage equality before same-sex marriage legislation passed.

In Mexico, Grupo Modelo is a member of FMELGBT — the Mexican Federation of LGBT Businessmen  — and sponsored the temporal LGBT exhibition at the Memory and Tolerance Museum.


Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay

Our U.S. colleagues at Anheuser-Busch are proud to be the first major brewer to sign the Equal Pay Pledge. But we recognize there’s still more work to do to create a truly equal playing field in the workforce. It's our ambition to continue to lead this charge — creating more opportunities for women in the beer industry.

In the UK, we published our first Gender Pay Gap Report, which you can access here.