Retail PMO of Modelorama at Grupo Modelo, Mexico.
Retail PMO of Modelorama at Grupo Modelo, Mexico.

Big Solutions for Small Businesses and Consumers During Lockdown




Leading and managing initiatives that help small and family-run stores is part of Leilani's work at Grupo Modelo. These mom-and-pop stores were heavily affected by the COVID-19 restrictions during 2020.

To support these retail businesses during the lockdown and motivate consumers to continue to shop in their local communities, Leilani and her team at Grupo Modelo created Tiendita Cerca: a free online directory that helps consumers shop easily and safely at their closest corner stores and allows retailers to offer home delivery.

Bike Donations for Store Owners


Working on this project was a challenging yet rewarding experience for Leilani. The project was born in Colombia and did an expansion in eight countries in Middle Americas Zone, helping more than 300,000 stores in the countries.

To help shop owners transition to this new delivery system, Grupo Modelo, in partnership with brands like Grupo Lala, Danone, and Pepsi, organized the donation of 3000 bikes. This donation will allow store owners to meet the demand on the platform and increase their sales.

Working Together to Help Communities Thrive


Team collaboration was essential to bring Tiendita Cerca to life. More than 40 people from different teams came together to work on this project.

Leilani and her team at Grupo Modelo are proud to make projects like this become a reality and help communities thrive despite immense challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Leilani and her team create a project that  are proud of being the creators of a project that helps the community thrive despite of the challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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