Same day, different country


For Michael, no day at AB InBev is the same. As a Global Director of Supply Chain Design, there’s a world map of challenges that need solving every minute of the day – so there’s no time for small talk. “I can spend one day talking about the details of our model, and really getting into the technical analytics. Or, I can spend time thinking about the distribution strategy in a major city, like Mexico City. Or think about whether we should be opening or closing breweries in China to optimize our global footprint – and that can all happen in three hours, in different meetings,” Michael explains.

It might sound exhausting, but when you love what you do, it’s anything but. “It’s a very dynamic, fast-paced type of day that makes my job super exciting. You never know exactly what to expect each day at AB In Bev.” As a graduate of our Global MBA program, Michael joined AB InBev in New York on our global last-mile logistics team, focusing on improving service for our customers. After two and a half years, new doors and international opportunities opened for Michael – including setting up a team in Belgium, the heart of beer culture.

Building a global career


Having built a career around the world with AB InBev, it’s no surprise that Michael a big advocate for the GMBA program. “The GMBA program is a great way to enter the company. It was critical for me to get this new opportunity here in Belgium,” says Mike. “It’s a program for people who are ready to challenge the status quo and come up new ideas to change the way we do business.”

No matter where his career at AB InBev takes him, Michael’s ready to push the boundaries of what world-class beer can do worldwide. “One of the things that’s really special about AB InBev is that it doesn’t put limits on yourself, your career or what we can do as a company. It’s a company that’s open to new ideas, new thoughts. And that’s a really exciting place to work.”


Our Global Director of Supply Chain Design at AB InBev, Michael’s travelled the globe with his projects at AB InBev ever since graduating our GMBA in 2015. Thinking globally goes hand-in-hand with thinking big – which is why Michael relishes the opportunity to bring innovative new ideas to every detail of logistics worldwide.