National Field Sales Manager of On-trade Channel, Italy
National Field Sales Manager of On-trade Channel, Italy

Supporting our partners during challenging times.


Offering Relief to the Bar & Restaurant Industry


As a result of Covid-19 lockdowns, some of AB InBev's point of sale partners were forced to close. To help these businesses endure this challenge, Victor and his team looked for creative solutions. They developed a platform where consumers could buy beer vouchers to use in the future once their favorite bars and restaurants reopened.

Supporting Businesses Through Tough Times


The support of local loyal consumers was key. They helped restaurants and bar owners finance a portion of their operations while they were closed.AB InBev also did its part. We supported the initiative, and for every 10 euros on beer vouchers that each consumer bought, we added 30% to help our partners make it through these difficult times.

One Word: Resilience 


Victor and his team moved fast. In just two weeks, they developed the platform and created a marketing campaign to boost the initiative. The reward, knowing the team was doing above and beyond to support our partners.

Victor describes this experience with the word “resilience” and the feeling of bringing a whole community together to achieve one common goal. Overcoming this challenge helped him and his team understand how to focus new campaigns on digital consumers, a lesson they are now applying to current marketing initiatives.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Victor and his team develop a platform aimed at supporting our partners during the different Covid-19 lockdowns. This platform offered consumers to pre-pay beer to be enjoyed once bars and resultants reopened.

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