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Our business is about bringing people together. Each team across our operations has an important role to play in helping us succeed and grow. When you join us, you’ll get opportunities to move between them to build the career that really fits your talents and your passion.



Senior Brand Manager of Spaten

AB InBev, Munich, Germany



Senior Brand Manager of Corona

AB InBev, Brussels, Belgium



Global Director of Supply Chain Design

AB INBEV, Leuven, Belgium



Global Director of Sustainability and Value Creation

AB InBev, New York, USA

This team is the key to getting our brands into your consumers' hands.

Our Sales team put our marketing plans into action, interface with our customers and grow our footprint.  

This team uses data and insights to identify global trends.

Our Marketing team utilizes their creativity and capability to bring an intense focus on consumer experience and give our brands life.

These are the people who brew and deliver our beloved beers.

Our Supply & Logistics team are responsible for brewing, packaging, Technical Services and Logistics. Working in Supply means meeting high standards of safety, quality and efficiency. 

This team ensures we have access to the raw materials we need to brew beer and package our products.

Our Procurement team select vendors, negotiate contracts and purchase goods. They drive our Sustainability agenda across our business and with our supply base, in order to achieve our 2025 goals on Climate Action, Circular Packaging, Water Stewardship & Smart Agriculture.

This team ensures we have the right talent, in the right place, at the right time.

Our People team recruit, develop, enable, engage, grow and reward our amazing people – as they’re our greatest strength.

This team is responsible for transformational projects that will shape our company for years to come.

Our IT & Solutions team solves a variety of challenges, from big-data analytics, to order optimization, to driving efficiencies in our network of capability centers.

This team enables our company to win big with integrity.

Our Legal & Corporate Affairs team protect our company and enable growth through mergers and acquisitions, innovative patents, compliance and more. They respond quickly to situations around the world, create and share content about AB InBev, our people, our heritage and our sustainability work.

This team provides analytical insights that define the direction of our company’s growth journey

Our Finance team enable growth by maintaining an unbiased view of resource allocation, management of business performance & forward looking planning while making sure our results and processes are fully compliant with rules and regulations.

This team continuously drives innovation for our beers and packaging.

Our Global Innovation & Technology team collaborate with partners across the globe to continuously develop new, exciting breakthroughs in raw materials, packaging and the brewing process.

This team nurtures, supports and grows the products and services of tomorrow.

ZX Ventures is a global growth and innovation group within our organisation, designed to develop new products and businesses that address emerging consumer needs.