Our latest double malt brews tell a story of teamwork, craftsmanship and rapid innovation

Posted: October 24, 2021
Our latest double malt brews tell a story of teamwork, craftsmanship and rapid innovation

At AB InBev, our talented brewmasters and product creators have an inexhaustible 
passion for crafting new flavors. As consumer trends evolve, they're ready to put their 
creativity behind any challenge. The latest? Elevated versions of our most popular superior classic lagers.  

In the past year, demand for premium brews has reached new heights. Meanwhile, 
we've been developing the infrastructure to respond to trends faster, equipping our 
teams to bring their unique visions to market. 

Our Global and Zone Innovation and Technology Centers are leading the way, developing, among many others, several delicious double-malt brews, two under our popular Brahma and Castle Lager brands.

Malt is made from barley kernels that have been steeped, 
germinated and kilned. 
It gives beer its color and flavor and creates 
the foam and sugar that will be 
turned into alcohol.

“The pandemic transformed our approach to innovation,” said David De Schutter, 
Global VP of Innovation and Technology at AB InBev. “As consumer needs shift more 
rapidly than ever, we've made our product development and launch process more agile. What once took up to two years can now be done in around 100 days.”  

Despite the uncertainties of the past 18 months, our latest double-malt innovations both made it in the hands of consumers. Here's the story of how we did it in Brazil and South Africa: 

Innovation without limits: Brahma Duplo Malte  

Our Ambev team in Brazil pulled out all the stops to bring consumers the premium 
flavors they were craving with Brahma Duplo Malte — a unique pure malt blend that 
combines the freshness of Pilsner malt with the flavor of Munich malt. Going from 
brainstorm to store shelves in just 90 days, the new beer became the biggest launch in the history of Ambev and in just five months, became the nation's leading brand in its beer segment.  

Duplo Malte's full-bodied and creamy flavor is a credit to a unique 
brewing process that retains higher levels of malt proteins.

The response from consumers is a credit to the innovative launch campaign designed to surprise, delight and connect with Brazilian consumers in pandemic lockdowns in early 2020. 

The immersive brand experiences were tailored to bring people together online, including hosting one of the most live-streamed concerts in YouTube history.
Featuring Brazilian duo Jorge and Mateus, the show was streamed by more than 
three million people, racking up more than 41 million views since! 

“Duplo Malte is an achievement for all of us at Ambev,” said CEO Jean Jereissati. “We have embraced change, once again launched a new trend and paved the way for our future.” 

Women-Led product development: Castle Double Malt 

In South Africa, our brewers took inspiration from their local surroundings to create 
Castle Double Malt. The country's first double malt beer, it combines two carefully 
selected South African malts, produced at South African Breweries' (SAB) very own 
local malting plants. 

The new beer celebrates two regions in the land the company calls home, Caledon and Alrode, and is backed by Castle's 126 years of brewing expertise.  

A huge success for SAB, Castle Double Malt saw higher consumer engagement than 
any other brand launch in its history. Behind the record-breaking 
launch were three inspiring women who led the charge from product development to 
branding and marketing. 


Kareishma Goodwin, Acceleration Manager for Product Development, was determined 
to create a superior taste that matched up to consumer expectations. After leading 
multiple phases of research to pinpoint exactly what consumers wanted, she 
collaborated with a team of brewers to create a product that delivered excellence in 
quality and drinkability. 

Kareishma then worked alongside Castle Lager Marketing Manager Georgina Willows 
and Brand Director Kudzi Mathabire to ensure the product saw success once it hit 
shelves. They developed a brand identity and best-in-class packaging design that would resonate with consumers — and it worked.  

“After being so integral to designing the product, I was proud to see such a positive 
response from our consumers,” said Kareishma.

“I hope we inspire more women to trust their instincts, pursue their visions, and work 
together to make them a reality.” 

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