Rise and shine! The beer-inspired breads you ‘knead' to try this holiday season

Posted: November 17, 2020
Rise and shine! The beer-inspired breads you ‘knead' to try this holiday season

Beer and bread have a lot in common. They share many of the same ingredients and a long, intertwined history, starting with the first beer breads baked in ancient Egypt, to Central Europe where stale brownbread became the basis of the classic sour ‘kvass' beer. 

Fast forward to 2020 and the love affair between bread and beer is still going strong, especially afterquarantine launched a new generation of homebound bakers. Now as end-of-year holidays approach, bread cravings are back and we've got five recipes that definitely ‘rise' to the occasion.   

Quilmes, Brahma Duplo Malte and Leffe (above) are among several AB InBev brands that donated raw ingredients and untapped beer to bakeries that sold and donated bread during the pandemic.

Sea Salt and Lime Encrusted Cornbread 

Cornbread mix with fresh sweet corn, is topped with thin slices of fresh lime and sprinkled with sea salt then baked on a wooden tray. Warmed through, it is perfect served with a dollop of hot chili con carne, fresh guacamole, salsa and sour cream, and of course; a cold Corona. Click here to download the recipe! 

Spiced Orange and Coriander All Butter Brioche 

A batch of six large rolls infused with fresh coriander, nutmeg, clove, and orange peel, baked and given a shiny egg glaze. These decadent rolls are perfect when lightly toasted and filled with juicy pork and a tangy relish. Serve alongside a chilled bottle of Hoegaarden. Click here for the recipe! 

Bud Tiger Bread 

A small handmade tiger bread topped with a fermented rice paste made with Budweiser. This loaf is perfect for a New York-style sandwich with salted beef and juicy pickles, and perfectly complements a cold bottle of Bud. Click here to download the recipe! 

Blond Sourdough 

Handmade with hints of malt and raised with organic rye sourdough starter and stone baked for a beautiful crust, this loaf is ideal for sharing, or pairing with cheese and cured meats - just add a chilled Leffe Blond. Click here to download the recipe! 

Spelt and Barley Pineapple Soda Bread 

Chunks of pineapple are matched with a glaze made of reduced hops and pineapple juice. A couple of slices lightly toasted and topped with a chunk of mature cheddar go beautifully with a glass of Stella Artois. Click here for the recipe! 

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