Thirsty for something new to watch? Try this ‘6 pack' of beer and movie pairings

Posted: May 22, 2020
Thirsty for something new to watch? Try this ‘6 pack' of beer and movie pairings

What do your streaming queue and pint glass have in common? Both might be looking a little empty right now. But don't worry, our beer experts from around the world are here with their definitive list of beer and film pairings - and they do not disappoint. Whether you're looking for a laugh, to unleash your inner action hero or to simply escape reality for a few hours, these six diverse and daring options offer a refreshing take for your next movie night.

1. For the classics-lover who enjoys a taste of whiskey
Check out “The Color of Money” with a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. 

“Like a great beer, this movie has a rich backstory, plenty of character, and leaves you satisfied at the end,” says Ryan Daley, Master Cicerone® and Senior Educator for Brewers Collective - Anheuser-Busch.

“A lot of the scenes are in bars and pool halls where the mood is relaxed, and the patrons are settling in for the long haul. Goose Island BCS is the perfect beer to kick back and let it reveal itself over time. Plus, Fast Eddie Felson, played by Paul Newman, even dabbles in bourbon!”

(Available on: YouTube, iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play, Cinemax)

2. For family-oriented adrenaline junkies wishing they were on a beach
Alejandra Vivas, Brewing Specialist in Bogota, Colombia recommends turning on the “Fast & Furious” franchise and enjoying a Dom Toretto-approved Corona.

Fun Fact: Corona has been featured in this film series since the saga's inception in 2001 when Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto famously says, “You can have any brew you want…as long as it's a Corona.”

(Available on: YouTube, Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play)

3. For comedy-lovers who are missing their (bowling or otherwise) buddies
Reminisce with El Duderino and a Bud Light over “The Big Lebowski.”

“This film has a funny and relaxed atmosphere, where people enjoy a beverage or two,” says Dmitriy Grachev, Learning and Development Manager for AB InBev in Moscow, Russia. “I think it's best with Bud Light because they both value fun with friends you can count on.”

Fun Fact: “The Dude” famously changed his drink of choice from a White Russian to a Stella Artois in 2019, so feel free to do the same.

(Available on: YouTube, Hulu, Prime Video, iTunes)

4. For the adventurer who can't find a mug of mead  
Carolina Coelho Loureiro, Passion for Beer Specialist in Salvador, Brazil, suggests watching “The Lord of the Rings” with a dark, malty and sweet dubbel.

“It's a long movie, but if you pair it with a dubbel beer and a side of caramel popcorn – the experience is sure to be delicious!” she adds.

(Available on: YouTube, iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play)

5. For anyone looking to quench their thirst for knowledge and beer
We have two suggestions: “Em Busca da Cerveja Perfeita,” (In Search of the Perfect Beer) offering an in-depth look at the world of beer and…

“Beers of Joy” which Charles Nouwen, AB InBev's Head of Passion for Beer says, “will take you on a journey to medieval monasteries, historic German villages, and breweries from across the world.”

(Beers of Joy is available on: YouTube, Hulu, Prime Video)

6. For fans of food, travel or just beautifully filmed documentaries
Open a cold one, like refreshing like the wheat beer Hoegaarden, and tune in to “A Bite of China.”

“It shows you the Chinese people's pursuit of good food and life, as well as connects the food ecology of different parts of the country with people's stories,” says Max Kang, Assistant Craft Brewing Master in Wuhan, China. “Great beer for great food!”

(Available on YouTube)

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