Behind-the-scenes of Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl LVI lineup set to bring ‘hope, positivity and possibility’

Posted: February 12, 2022
Behind-the-scenes of Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl LVI lineup set to bring ‘hope, positivity and possibility’

The ‘team’ is assembled and the game plan is in place. Anheuser-Busch is ready for Super Bowl LVI with campaigns that put a spotlight on how America’s leading brewer is delivering on its renewed purpose: to create a future with more cheers.

About 117 million viewers are expected to tune in to the U.S. National Football League's championship game on Sunday. Anheuser-Busch will air four minutes of ads that pair big names and beloved brands, diverse representation in front of and behind the camera, and as is tradition, a few surprises that will have everyone talking.

“We are excited to illustrate how Anheuser-Busch is accelerating its transformation and further adapting to today’s consumers,” said Benoit Garbe, Chief Marketing Officer, Anheuser-Busch. “Now more than ever we believe viewers want to hear about hope, positivity, and possibility, and we’re going to deliver on those themes.”

But you don’t have to wait for the big game to see what’s in store. Here’s your sneak peek at all seven campaigns and a few behind-the-scenes stories from the epic lineup.

Watch“A Clydesdale’s Journey

After sitting out the big game to support COVID-19 vaccine awareness in 2021, Budweiser is back! The new commercial, titled “A Clydesdale’s Journey”, was directed by Academy Award-winning director, Chloé Zhao and features a beloved Budweiser Clydesdale’s path to recovery, symbolizing the resiliency of the American people through difficult times.

Behind the scenes:  After supporting vaccine awareness and education efforts with the Ad Council during last year’s Super Bowl, Budweiser is extending its support to hard working entrepreneurs and small businesses with a donation to the Small Business Relief Fund, housed at Accion Opportunity Fund.

Watch ‘Head for the Mountains’

When you’re a beer full of smoothness, who better to partner with than American jazz saxophone legend, Kenny G? After a five-year hiatus, Busch Light returns to the Super Bowl with a new spot that brings to life the ‘beautiful sounds of crisp, cold, mountain refreshment’ via a modern rendition of the brand’s classic 1979 jingle, “Head for the Mountains”, performed by the Grammy Award winner himself.

Behind the scenes: Kenny G spent up to 12 hours updating the Busch jingle and practiced the song about 100 times to make it perfect.

Watch ‘Zero in the Way of Possibility’

Bud Light will celebrate a historic moment during the Super Bowl with the introduction of Bud Light NEXT, Anheuser-Busch’s first-ever zero carb beer. Ten years in the making, the brand will pay tribute to the barrier, rule and mold breakers in its Super Bowl debut, which features four vignettes that challenge fans to re-think the status quo and push boundaries.

Behind the scenes:In the ad’s third vignette watch for an appearance by a token from the new Bud Light N3XT non-fungible token (NFT) collection and a pair of Nouns DAO glasses, marking a new partnership with the decentralized autonomous organization.

Watch ‘Land of Loud Flavors’

Bud Light Seltzer is transporting Super Bowl viewers to the “Land of Loud Flavors,” a magical universe that brings to life the bold and unexpected taste of Bud Light Seltzer and its newest innovation,Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda – all with the help of the king of flavor himself, celebrity chef Guy Fieri!

Behind the scenes: The name of a sweepstakes contest winner is being added to the Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda Super Bowl commercial. See who was chosen to be immortalized in neon lights in the Land of Loud Flavors at the 28 second mark in the ad airing during the game.

Watch "Superior Bowl," “Caddie” and “Golden

“It’s only worth it if you enjoy it” is the theme for three new commercials from Michelob ULTRA for football’s biggest night. All take place in a fictitious bowling alley known as the “Superior Bowl” where legendary athletes, like Serena Williams and Peyton Manning, and entertainers who embody a balanced lifestyle, enjoy themselves while celebrating with either a Michelob ULTRA, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold or Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer.

Behind the scenes: Following on toMichelob ULTRA’s $100 million commitment to increase the visibility of women in sports, the brand took its next step towards gender equality in sports by featuring an equal representation of male and female athletes in this year’s Super Bowl commercial. 

Watch ‘Make Time for The Life Artois’

As the brand that invites the world to savor life together, Belgian-style lager Stella Artois is sending an important reminder to everyone watching the big game to “Make Time For The Life Artois.” The new 360 campaign aims to inspire people to be more mindful amid the chaos of the day-to-day and to take time to enjoy moments with the people who matter most.

Behind the scenes: Stella Artois teamed up with NFL legends Eli Manning, Ryan Clark and Dan Marino to roll up their sleeves and sub in for those who work on Super Bowl Sunday year after year in kitchens and bars across the U.S. Watch the heartwarming moment these football heroes surprised fans with tickets and a trip to Super Bowl LVI here.

Watch “Here’s to the Lazy Ones’

In its first national TV commercial, Cutwater Spirits, the most awarded canned cocktail brand in the U.S., will celebrate the everyday ingenuity of those who work smarter, not harder - particularly when it comes to enjoying their favorite cocktail! 

Behind the scenes: The name of the dog running on the treadmill that appears in Cutwater’s Super Bowl spot is Copper. It’s a fitting name, given that the brand’s canned Vodka Mule is made using Cutwater Vodka, ginger beer and lime, and best enjoyed out of its copper can or over ice in a copper mug!

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