What made its debut at the GRAMMYs, sold out online in less than 12 hours and gained a million fans within hours of its inaugural Instagram post

If you guessed a first-of-its-kind agave spiked seltzer, pour yourself a CACTI™ from Diamond certified recording artist, songwriter, producer, fashion mogul and overall creative force, Travis Scott, and America’s leading brewer, Anheuser-Busch. 

Here’s more on the sought-after seltzer from two of the biggest tastemakers on the planet. 

1. This is a collab like no other 
Typically, a celebrity is approached by a brand once a product has been created, tested, and proven. Not so with CACTI. As a founder and creator, Travis worked hands-on with the innovation team at Anheuser-Busch to build the brand from the ground up.

“CACTI is something I’m really proud of and have put a ton of work into. Me and the team really went in, not only on getting the flavor right, but on thousands of creative protos on everything from the actual beverage, to the can concept, to the packaging and how it is presented to the world. We always try to convey a feeling in our products,” said Travis around the launch of CACTI.  

Founder and creator Travis Scott at the Los Angeles brewery where CACTI is made.

2. The launch broke records (a lot of them) 
CACTI sold out in thousands of locations across the US just 24 hours after it launched on March 15. Online inventory from retailers sold via DRINKCACTI.com was gone in less than 12 hours. The brand outsold the competition in its first week on shelves and broke into the top 5 brands in the seltzer category. CACTI also holds the highest rate of sale in its first week for any variety pack in Anheuser-Busch Seltzer history.* 

Travis drove a custom CACTI delivery truck around Los Angeles, surprising fans as they purchased the new agave spiked seltzer for the first time.

3. There’s meaning behind the name 
Fans of Travis, including his 50+ million followers on social media, know the brand comes from his nickname, Cactus Jack. It’s a moniker also shared by his record label, philanthropic efforts and his creative teams intimately involved in several his business ventures, including CACTI. 

4. Inspo came from a Cactus Jack favorite 
CACTI has a unique, bold and slightly earthy flavor inspired by Travis’ favorite cocktails. The seltzer is all about “down to earth ingredients” and “out of this world flavor” and was developed by Travis, Anheuser-Busch President Michel Doukeris and a team of innovators and master brewers. CACTI is made with water, cold fermented cane sugar, 100% premium blue agave from Mexico, and a hint of lime juice and clocks in at 7% alcohol by volume (ABV). There is no tequila in the beverage. 

“With COVID-19 restrictions, our development process looked a little different as we could not be in the same room while testing product so we shifted to virtual tasting,” said Jake Kirsch, Vice President of Innovation at Anheuser-Busch. “We tested over 25 variants between different combinations of flavors, sweetness levels and ABV to land us on the one that the public knows today.” 

Brewed in Los Angeles CACTI is now available in the US in pineapple, strawberry and lime flavors.

5. “This is just the beginning.” 
Both Anheuser-Busch and Travis have stressed that CACTI is not a limited edition drop, but a true partnership that’s set to revolutionize the beverage industry with exciting, new hard seltzers consumers love. 

“We built this project from the ground up together and this is just the beginning,” said Travis. 

Keep up with CACTI on InstagramTwitter, and DRINKCACTI.com.



*IRI Report, week ending March 21, 2021