It’s Carnival season!  

Every year, the world anticipates the festival of Carnival, complete with parades, street parties, non-stop dancing and elaborate, colorful costumes. And two of our most beloved local beer brands are synonymous with the largest of all Carnivals: Rio de Janeiro and the Canary Islands. Here’s how Brahma and Dorada are taking centerstage at these one-of-a-kind celebrations this year.

Brahma returns as main sponsor, introduces Duplo Malte

Brazil is famous for its Rio-based Carnival, which is the largest in the world, attracting five million people every year. Regardless of where they hail from, visitors and locals alike join in the vibrant festival known for its 40 parades, live music and events that bring Brazilian culture to life.


Beer is always at the heart of the party, and this year Brahma returned as the main sponsor of Carnival for the first time in 90 years. From partnerships with more than 12,000 street vendors, television commercials and digital campaigns, to surprise activations in the streets, Brahma is everywhere in Rio. Also making headlines, is a new variant of the iconic brand: Brahma Duplo Malte (Double Malt), brewed with a ‘surprising combination’ of Munich and pilsner malts.


This year AB InBev also invested more than $1 million to support 3,000 waste collectors at Carnival in Rio and four other cities across Brazil, to reduce the environmental impact of the celebrations.

It’s not Santa Cruz Tenerife Carnival without Dorada

Not to be overlooked, Carnival is also a major event in Spain’s Canary Islands, located off the northwest coast of Africa. With close to a million attendees, Carnival is a time to celebrate diversity, with each island honoring its own traditions, ranging from funny songs and massive talcum powder fights, to drag queen galas.


Our local brand Dorada has been the main sponsor of the Santa Cruz Tenerife Carnival since 2013, with  99% of consumers associating Dorada as the beer of Carnival1. The brand’s television commercial is widely anticipated and considered the unofficial kick-off of the Canary Islands’ Carnival, along with the release of Dorada’s “Song of Carnival” created in collaboration with local comedians and talent.


Inspired by this year’s theme, "The 1950s," the brand opened Doradaland, an immersive brand experience, featuring a live, Broadway-style improvisational comedy show with returning star, “Jennifer Monroe”. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find tickets – they sold out in just 72 hours.

Furthering its commitment to our 2025 Sustainability Goals, Dorada will again supply festival goers with more than 40,000 reusuable cups, eliminating approximately 1.4 tons of waste typically generated from plastic cups.


1 Source: Brand Tracker