Catching Up with Spiked Seltzer's Nick Shields

Posted: July 18, 2018
Catching Up with Spiked Seltzer's Nick Shields

Hi Nick, what's new at SpikedSeltzer?

Lots of news for 2018! New flavors, new variety 24-pack, and a new national ad campaign. As the originators of the hard sparkling water category, we're focused on guiding its future. Just brewed for the first time in Baldwinsville, New York,  is Ventura Lemon, cold-pressed from the citrus grown in Ventura, California.

Later this spring, this flavor will rotate into our flagship variety 12-pack nationwide. Prickly Pear, a strawberry-watermelon-ish flavor made from cactus fruit in the Southwest, debuted in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. This unique flavor will also be available in our new variety 24-pack nationwide, just in time for summer.

The simple and sophisticated style embodied by SpikedSeltzer shines through in the video and out-of-home ads coming out in mid-April. In our “Follow Your Siren” campaign — which was visually inspired by travel and Champagne artwork from the Art Deco period — our mermaid heroine asks consumers to follow their intuition and discover new, refreshing worlds. Fans of the PBS series in its third season, The Durrells in Corfu, will recognize the sophisticated SpikedSeltzer illustrations by artist David Doran.

Can you say more about what “Follow Your Siren” means to you?

Definitely. To me it means follow your instinct and take some risks. If you have a gut feeling about something, give it a shot, especially if it's new or different. In many ways, this is the bold philosophy that we started with five years ago when bringing SpikedSeltzer to market. 2012 was the year of one hundred small-batch trials in developing this non-sweet, naturally flavored, gluten-free alcohol bubbly. We're calling 2018 the Year of the Mermaid!

Okay, last question: What are you most excited about for summer?

I'm dreaming of summer weekends with water sports in the morning and lazy afternoons by the surf with family and friends. I'm just learning to kitesurf and it's a bit terrifying at first, but a great, tiring workout too. And of course, when everything is stowed away, there's a light and refreshing drink that follows, perfectly made for waterside R&R. As we say, drink it straight out of the can, over ice, or mix it up. Cheers!

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Where is Spiked Seltzer based?

Norwalk, CT

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