Rachel Gerding: Paving the Path for Other Female Brewers

Posted: August 01, 2018
Rachel Gerding: Paving the Path for Other Female Brewers

At the Cascade Brewery, Rachel Gerding was the first woman working in production, the first woman to work in fermentation, and the first woman to work in the brewhouse.

Rachel Gerding is paving the path for other women who want to have a career in brewing. With the support of the production team, Rachel was the driving force behind the introduction of the first maternity leave policy for production teams at Cascade.

Rachel is a member of our Australian brewing team and works as a brewhouse operator. She is responsible for the intake of raw materials and the brewing process overall. Some of her day-to-day responsibilities include supervising the brewhouse, operating brewhouse equipment, ensuring the brewing vessels are cleaned correctly, and most importantly, delivering beers of good quality. Rachel brews a variety of beers such as Cascade Draught, Goose Island IPA and Cascade Pale Ale.

Rachel is proud of her 20+ years at Cascade Brewery. It hasn't been easy being a female brewer, but she demonstrated resilience in manual handling and learning almost every machine in the plant. Rachel loves being a brewer and is part of a diverse team leading the brewery, including Quality, Packaging, People, and the Plant Manager positions all being held by women.

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