At AB InBev, sustainability is the focus of everything we do – from the ingredients that make our beers the best they can be to the campaigns we create. And it’s Lizzie who’s tasked with making that a reality. “I work on embedding sustainability throughout our business, from our supply chain to our procurement to our commercial roles, like sales and marketing. I also work with our biggest brands to talk to consumers about sustainability,” she explains.

Starting as a graduate of the Global MBA program, Lizzie’s taken a non-traditional career path with AB InBev to get to this role. A natural challenger, her talent for problem-solving has led Lizzie to progress her career in innovative ways. “I’ve created every role that I’ve held at AB InBev and I’ve been supported in that every time. I’ve been curious enough to just let the problems take me where they’re going to go,” she says, crediting the support she’s been given in moving from one project to the next. “If you’re somebody who can rally a team and resources against a problem, AB InBev will support you in doing it.”

Setting sustainability goals means thinking big – bigger than actually seems achievable. But the challenge is making sure they are. “As we work on our sustainability goals for 2025, it’s really incredible to see how big we can dream. But being able to hold ourselves accountable to them is what makes it exciting,” Lizzie reveals. From progressing towards 100% recycled packaging, improved water availability and quality for communities in high-stress areas, and securing 100% of our purchased electricity from renewable sources, our sustainability goals are high for a reason. Lizzie says: “We set these big, almost outrageous, ambitious goals for ourselves, but it’s because we know we can make a difference and we can deliver the results. That’s why we talk about challenge so much.”

Although it seems inevitable there’ll be challenges on the way with a five-year deadline in sight, being resilient in the face of those obstacles is key, according to Lizzie. “That’s what makes it so meaningful: when you’re able to find solutions to problems you never even thought you could solve.”

Challenger Lizzie, our Global Director of Sustainability at AB InBev, meets every task at AB InBev with ambition: first, by setting our sustainability goals – and second, by carving out her own career path. 

Making sustainability goals is easy. Meeting them is the challenge. That’s where Lizzie, our Global Director of Sustainability, comes in.