After the last sip: How we're reusing, reducing, recycling and rethinking our packaging

Posted: March 31, 2020
After the last sip: How we're reusing, reducing, recycling and rethinking our packaging

Cans, glass bottles, kegs, boxes and crates. As the world's largest brewer, we care about what happens to our packaging after the last sip. Now more than ever, it is important that we not only care about but also work together on solutions that will benefit our communities and our people—today and for the next 100+ years. Sustainability is our business – guiding everything we do, from how our ingredients are grown, to how we transport our products, to how our packaging is reused and recycled. That's why we set ambitious sustainability goals, including that all of our product will be in returnable* or majority recycled packaging by 2025.

Already nearly half of our production volume is in returnable packaging, making us one of the largest champions of a circular economy in the world. But we have more to do. Here are a few examples of how our colleagues and partners, including innovative start-ups from our 100+ Accelerator, are propelling progress toward our circular packaging goal.

Recycle – We are increasing recycled materials in our products and promoting recycling locally. 

  • Together with Green Mining, a startup from our 100+ Accelerator, we collected more than 578,000 kg of glass across Brazil in 2019 that was recycled into new bottles – a solution we hope to introduce across Latin America.
  • On March 3, Cervecería Hondureña together with Coca-Cola, launched Hagámosla Circular (“Let's Make it Circular”) the most ambitious recycling and circular packaging program in Honduras, aimed at collecting, recycling and reusing 100% of plastic bottles in the nation.
  • In Zambia, we partnered with Manja Pamodzi and other waste management organizations to set up waste collection points in local communities and collect more than 10,000 tons of post-consumer packaging waste.
  • Our colleagues in Sochi, Russia created the Budweiser ReCup Arena, a unique football pitch made of 50,000 recycled plastic cups collected from arenas and fan celebrations at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Hagámosla Circular

The Budweiser ReCup Arena

Reuse – We are increasing recycling rates around the world through the recovery and reuse of materials.

  • In Colombia, two of the startups from our 100+ Accelerator, Nomo Waste and Banqu, recently joined forces to create the Return Home Project in Colombia, which aims to increase the collection, reuse and refilling of glass bottles.

Founders of two of the startups from our 100+ Accelerator, Nomo Waste and BanQu

Reduce – We are minimizing the packaging material to conserve resources and foster a cleaner environment.

  • In Belgium, packs of our Jupiler brand are now sold in 100% recycled shrink packaging, transforming what was before waste into packaging again.
  • Budweiser Brewing Group in the UK made a nearly $8 million USD investment in green technology, which includes recyclable paperboard ‘Keel Chips' that will eliminate the use of plastic rings by the end of 2020. This will remove 850 tons of plastic per year - about the weight of 425 taxi cabs, 67 double decker buses or 10 blue whales!

Jupiler sold in 100% recycled shrink packaging

Packaging using the Keel Clip 


Rethink – We are reimaging our materials, introducing alternative products and processes to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Corona launched “Pay with Plastic” in 2019, a project inviting consumers at bars and retailers in Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Mexico and Spain to pay for beer with plastic waste to highlight the negative effects of plastic waste.
  • In Brazil, our brand AMA is the first to package mineral water in aluminum cans, donating 100% of profits to fund infrastructure projects that will bring clean drinking water to communities in semi-arid regions of the country.

Interested in learning more about our circular packaging progress? Check out our Sustainability website or follow the 100+ Accelerator on Twitter and Instagram.


*refillable containers

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