In our world of finite resources we are committed to closing the loop and eliminating waste. This starts with our own operations.

We own and operate six vertical glass plants around the world — in Brazil, Mexico (3), Paraguay and the United States — where we are improving our efficiencies and increasing the amount of cullet (recycled glass) used in the production of our bottles.

For example, iIn Brazil, we are working on reverse logistics to collect and transport more recycled glass. In the U.S., we’ve co-invested in infrastructure to clean and crush glass, and we are working with the U.S. government and the Closed Loop Fund to educate consumers on recycling. In Mexico, we have partnered with a local NGO to help us collect cullet, and invested in a new glass processor at one of our plants.

In relevant markets, we are working with our distributors and our consumers to encourage consumers to return their bottles. The life cycle of  returnable glass bottles is approximately 8X less carbon intensive than one-way glass bottles.