Brito Knighted by Medieval Belgian Brewers' Guild

Posted: September 07, 2018
Brito Knighted by Medieval Belgian Brewers' Guild

Our CEO Brito was knighted in a medieval-era celebration of our cultural heritage and passion for beer


In a ceremony that dates back to medieval times, on Friday (September 7th), the Belgian Brewers' Guild hosted its 20th annual edition of the Belgian Beer Weekend that takes place on Brussels' iconic Grand Square. 

Known as the “Knights of the Brewers' Paddle,” Brito was enthroned at an historic celebration of beer culture and its unique traditions. Each year, Belgium's best brewers are celebrated by knights and musicians dressed in medieval garb, while beer is blessed in their holy Cathedrals -- ancient festivities that pay homage to their Patron Saint of Beer, Saint Arnould.

Surrounded by guildhalls in Brussels, Brito was knighted alongside Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, as well as university professors from world-class brewing faculties. Individuals knighted by the Brewers' Guild are those who have made a significant contribution to the Belgian brewing profession and community; either commercially, politically, or socially. 

On receiving his knighthood, Brito said: “I'm proud to be included in this unique and tradition-rich society. The Knighthood of the Brewers' Paddle is a great example of Belgian beer culture and proves that beer culture is alive and strong at both an international and local level. AB InBev owes a lot to Belgium's beer culture, and we know we play an important role in advocating it.”

The Belgian Beer Weekend gathers brewers to celebrate the country's 1,100 different beers. It's an honor for our CEO and our business to be considered an ambassador for the brewing world and we'll continue to keep these unique traditions alive across our global markets.

Belgian monks have been brewing for more than a thousand years -- and we're passionate about keeping that culture alive for future generations.

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