Rachel Tulchin, Global Manager, Better World Communications

Posted: July 26, 2018
Rachel Tulchin, Global Manager, Better World Communications

While many people think of AB InBev as a global beer brewer, spanning the world's cultures and contents with 500 different brands, the company has many different stories to tell – including a commitment to sustainability, smart drinking and making an impact in communities. After all, beer comes natural ingredients – farmed crops, sunlight, water – and brewing beer relies on a healthy environment and thriving communities.                                                                                                                                                              

Communicating AB InBev's significant accomplishments to date, and it's even more ambitious goals for the future, is a critical part of doing business in today's global world.

Rachel Tulchin, Global Manager of Better World Communications, is helping to tell those stories. She is responsible for communicating the company's work to promote responsible drinking and to advance environmental and social sustainability efforts, all in coordination with colleagues all around the world. Recently, she helped roll out AB InBev's global 2025 Sustainability Goals, a major milestone in AB InBev's broader effort to step up sustainability efforts and help build a company to last.  

These goals build on AB InBev's successful accomplishments to date. “We had environmental goals that ran until 2017, and we actually reached them all before the end of the year,” Rachel explained. “Our 2025 Sustainability Goals are going even further, looking outside the boundaries of our breweries to positively impact communities. For example, our goals will work to empower farmers, ensure access to water, source renewable electricity, reduce carbon emissions, and develop more sustainable packaging.”

To learn more about AB InBev's 2025 Goals in smart agriculture, water stewardship, climate action (renewable electricity and reduction of carbon emissions), and circular packaging, visit here: 2025 Sustainability Goals

Rachel sees these 2025 Sustainability Goals as taking the company's commitment to the next level. This includes strengthening the company's relationship with both the people and the environment where beer is brewed, and expanding the AB InBev's sustainability scope and vision. “These goals are a big step up. We will be moving outside our own operations to partner with others across the private sector, civil society and government in order to deliver lasting impact in communities around the world,” Rachel explains. “We cannot accomplish these goals on our own, and we are eager to engage others as we work together to drive innovation, performance, and sustainability.”

Rachel's responsibilities don't end with her sustainability communications work. Part of her job is also to oversee communications around the four Global Smart Drinking Goals that launched in 2015, which aim to change behaviors through social norms and to encourage positive experiences with beer. "We're expanding our portfolio with more no and low alcohol beers by 2025,” she says. “These products offer an expanded choice for current consumers, while still maintaining the quality and flavor profiles our beers are known for.”

Rachel brings to bear her previous professional experience in the public sector, where she served as Deputy Director at the Clinton Foundation and worked as a Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of State. Like many of her colleagues, she sees the global footprint of AB InBev as a significant opportunity to affect real social and environmental change.  “It's an incredible experience to work at such a global company with operations around the world, with nearly 200,000 people dedicated to building the business but also committed to sustainability and responsibility,” she says. “My career has focused in the past on advancing women's rights and international development, and the private sector has an increasing role in this space as well – especially in contributing to all the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

In many ways, Rachel's public sector background is unique at AB InBev: she received her Masters in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and has worked in the NGO, philanthropy and government sectors. Ultimately, these experiences have strengthened her understanding the potential for impact that businesses like AB InBev can make. As she herself noted, “In today's world, tackling challenging global issues from across sectors is incredibly important – and, commitment from the private sector is critical to ensuring a healthier and safer world.”

Rachel is excited about the opportunities ahead to create shared value for AB InBev and the world.

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