Rising to the challenge: Meet more of the teams behind our global response to COVID-19

Posted: December 08, 2020
Rising to the challenge: Meet more of the teams behind our global response to COVID-19

As we near the end of 2020, the global pandemic continues to challenge our communities, consumers and colleagues, but our teams keep demonstrating their resilience. Over the past months, we've shown time and again that together we can achieve anything—even if we are far apart. 

Read the stories below to see how our colleagues Rodrigo, Leilani, Marta and their teams have successfully led our company towards a better world in the face of adversity.  

“It was amazing to see how strong we are” 
Rodrigo Moccia, Director - Corporate Affairs, Brazil 

As a member of the Public Affairs team in Brazil, my team represents the company when working with external stakeholders and NGOs. Our strong commitment to our communities helped us quickly make plans to fight the virus.   

Our multi-functional Ambev team took on many major projects, one of the biggest being the production and delivery of one million units of hand sanitizer. Another important endeavor was the construction of a hospital wing with capacity for 100 COVID-19 patients, built in 36 days with the help of two other companies. We also helped fund a new facility to produce a vaccine for COVID-19. For me, this is one of the most important projects in our history and I am proud to contribute to it.  

Rodrigo Moccia

Because we were working so quickly, we also learned a lot together. For example, we partnered with the logistics team to define the best routes to deliver hand sanitizers to all 27 states in Brazil. Overall, I've collaborated with more than 50 new allied companies from 15 different sectors, and with more than 200 external stakeholders. 

It's been rewarding to see how much our company can do to support our community during one of the biggest challenges of our generation. It was amazing to see how strong we are when we have a clear objective and purpose. We are living our dream and truly know what is possible when you bring people together for a better world. 

Solving big problems for our small businesses 
Leilani Martinez Triano, Project Management Lead – Owned Retail, Mexico 

Typically, my job is to help run initiatives for customers and consumers, primarily in small neighborhood groceries and convenience stores. When the COVID-19 crisis started, many of these small mom and pop retailers were affected by strict lockdown rules and consumers couldn't go into the stores to shop.  

To help these small retailers remain open during the shutdown, we created Tiendita Cerca, a free online delivery program that lets consumers easily and safely shop for what they need, while giving our retail partners access to needed resources. 

Leilani Martinez Triano

Tiendita Cerca is currently running in eight countries in the region and we will continue to expand to help as many consumers and shopkeepers as possible. 

Many different teams from AB InBev worked together to make this project a reality, from external communications teams to Draftline, marketing, trade marketing, legal and more. Even though it was challenging to coordinate between so many teams, we worked together for this cause. We are very proud to be making a positive difference in the lives of our partners, helping them sustain their businesses and keeping our local communities strong.  

Leading in times of uncertainty 
Marta Herrera Casa, Manager – Logistics, France

Earlier this year I was leading our 50-person sales team that serves supermarkets across France. Like many people, when the COVID-19 outbreak first happened, my job completely shifted. We were no longer able to visit our customers in-person and we knew that the role of our team was going to be key in order to minimize the impact in our business. 

 I realized then that's it is easier to lead when you have a clear plan, but when you never know quite what to expect, you must be prepared and open for change. My team's needs also were different. My responsibility was to define the plan that would allow for a fast and strong comeback of the field force while setting clear priorities, so my role became more strategic and less operational.  

Marta Herrera Casa

Keeping the team connected and engaged was also one of my main priorities. To do so, I scheduled more regular and frequent team meetings and adjusted our office traditions to a digital setting, with virtual coffees and digital happy hours. Looking back, it was difficult but a big learning experience for us all, and I'm extremely proud of how the team handled, reacted and adapted themselves to this new situation. 

The pandemic is far from over and my role has since changed, but you can't put a value on what I've learned this year. I definitely feel stronger and more confident in my leadership, and ready to keep dreaming big even when facing uncertainty.  

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