This one's for our colleagues on the front-lines

Posted: April 13, 2020
This one's for our colleagues on the front-lines

We say it all the time: our greatest strength is our people. And right now, as the world bands together to face a crisis, no truer words have been said. We're incredibly proud of how our teams are making an impact by protecting and caring for one another, helping our local communities and partners, and bringing some happiness and comfort to our consumers around the world through the beers they enjoy.

And behind the scenes, making it all happen, are our own warriors on the front lines.

The ones who wear hardhats and safety goggles, neon vests and gloves. Our thousands of drivers in nearly 50 countries. Those who keep our barley coming, our breweries running, our warehouses and retail shelves stocked… all so we can enjoy a beer during life's best moments, and sometimes its most challenging.

Moreover, many of our front line workers are joining efforts in support of our communities by helping to deliver hand sanitizers, essential medical supplies, food and water to those who need it. We are continually in awe of your dedication, compassion and strength.

For all this and more, we thank our front line warriors. For bringing people together – even when we're at a distance. For bringing some normalcy at a time when we crave it most. We will get through this. We will clink our glasses together once again, and come out stronger than before.

Until then, thank you. This Bud's for you.


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