What is a #FutureWithMoreCheers? Here’s what our people had to say

Posted: June 28, 2022
What is a #FutureWithMoreCheers? Here’s what our people had to say

In December 2021, we introduced a new purpose for AB InBev: We Dream Big to Create a Future with More Cheers.

Our purpose represents what we can make possible to lead real change for our stakeholders and unites our 169,000 colleagues across the world. So we asked our people: What does a #FutureWithMoreCheers look like? What are your big dreams? Here’s what they said.

Paola “We dream big because there are no limits; we’re a great, authentic and passionate team that challenges the everyday and the common. We are unstoppable!” Paola Bondy, BU President – Honduras and El Salvador

“Dreaming big enables us to separate ourselves from the competition and form something truly meaningful, like lasting relationships and new connections to clients, customers and consumers.” - Thomas B. Richter, People Director, BU Central Europe in Bremen, Germany

Allaine Leuven “Dreaming big means having the freedom to think about all the bold things you really want to achieve and forget about the reasons why you can't make it happen. It's something done best as a team!” - Allaine Schaiko, Global Director - People in New York, New York, USA

“A big dream is AB InBev transforming from being a beer company to a beverage company. That means we will reach more diverse consumers, hence more cheers in the future.” - Aranyaeli Ayo, Plant Manager in Changombe, Tanzania

Lisboa “’Dreaming big to create a future with more cheers’ represents more than a purpose, it is a movement of positive progress to boost our entire region and around the world!” - Carlos Lisboa , CEO Middle America Zone in Mexico City, Mexico

“This refreshed purpose is about what our company and our employees can make possible – here in the U.S. and in all of the markets where we operate. It reminds us to leverage and maximize our unique relationships and capabilities to make a positive impact on our communities, our planet and our people.” – Brendan Whitworth, CEO North America Zone in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Arnaud Milan “I’m dreaming big to create a #futurewithmorecheers because I know I am supported by a strong and passionate team that is showing the market what a real partner means, growing not only the beer category by betting on the right consumers trends but also helping and providing solutions.” – Arnaud Hanset, Managing Director in Milan, Italy

“Our new purpose at AB InBev is in essence a true reflection of the people and teams we are a part of. Looking forward to the bigger challenges and bolder dreams and actions that will create a legacy.” – Aman Jain, Lead Talent Development COE in Bengaluru, Kamataka, India

Jan Craps CNY “We have big dreams for our people, our beer industry and our communities. We say ‘cheers’ to celebrate the moments that matter. We want to make a meaningful positive impact in the world.” – Jan Craps, CEO Asia Pacific Zone in Shanghai, China

“I’m excited about our new purpose and how we’re meeting some of our largest challenges with big dreams, and actions that will create a #FutureWithMoreCheers. On our Direct-to-Consumer team, one of the biggest focuses is building 1:1 meaningful connections with our consumers, leveraging platforms such as Zé Delivery in Brazil and PerfectDraft in Europe to meet our consumers in their key consumption occasions.” - Ran Wei, Global Director - Direct to Consumer, New York, New York, USA

Bigha Nigeria “Dreaming big creates space for young talented minds to grow, learn best and develop themselves more. Big dreamers that’s who we are!” - Bigha Erekedoumini, Technical Operator in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

“What does Dreaming Big mean to me? That we are never satisfied with our results. Always setting new great targets, which we achieve with the best employees around the world. How can we create a Future With More Cheers? When we always strive for more and set new standards worldwide as AB InBev.” - Matthias Damm, Regional Field Manager in Cologne, Germany

Ferrari Brazil “Big dreams + Great People = Amazing Results! Here’s to a #FutureWithMoreCheers!” Christian Ferrari, South America Energy Manager, São Paulo, Brazil

“People expect more from the companies and brands they love. At AB InBev we’re always looking to serve up new ways to meet life’s moments, dream big to move our industry forward and make a meaningful impact in the world.” - Bart Grieten, Vice President Supply, Europe, in Leuven, Belgium

Vladimir London “Many of our ambitions start with an ‘a ha moment’ when they seem completely impossible - but dreaming big we get there. In ecommerce the opportunity is immense and I am very proud to lead a team of incredibly talented individuals passionate about creating such a future!” - Vladimir Sushko, eRetail Director in London, England

“A future with more cheers starts with us, creating a world with more sustainability, more inclusivity and more happiness for everyone to share!” - Benoit Bronckart, BU President – Central Europe in Milan, Italy


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