Make a toast to ‘living well' with these 10 stand-out sippers on Global Wellness Day

Posted: June 12, 2021
Make a toast to ‘living well' with these 10 stand-out sippers on Global Wellness Day

What does wellness mean to you? For many it might be about balancing physical fitness and mental acuity. But the definition is expanding, to things like building healthy social connections and adopting a sober lifestyle. 

No matter how you define it, AB InBev has a non-alcoholic beverage that fits your idea of living well, whether you're looking to hydrate, boost energy or simply support a healthy mind and body. And the choices offer something for everyone, from sparkling waters infused with electrolytes, chamomile and caffeine; to vitamin-infused energy drinks, barleymilk and daily wellness shots, to name a few. 

“We believe wellness should be accessible to everyone, in every moment, however they want to experience it,” says Ana Henriques, Global Vice President, NABev, the AB InBev's non-alcoholic beverage business unit. “Consumers deserve to celebrate wellness their way and we are creating amazing non-alcoholic experiences and inspiring incredible moments to support their lifestyle choices.” 

Here's a look at some of our favorites and a few new offerings that are just right for wellness-conscious people on-the-go. 

Do Bem Super Infusões (Brazil) 
This first line of functional antioxidant drinks in Brazil from Do Bem was created to hydrate and give a boost of antioxidants. Super Infusões come in three low-calorie flavors, including lemon, tangerine and strawberry/lemon, are rich in vitamin C and feature all-natural ingredients, zero added sugar, no sodium, preservatives or artificial coloring. 

Mawé Vitamin Energy Drink (UK) 
Mawé caffeine free vitamin energy is a refreshing blend of energizing B vitamins, real fruit juice and lightly sparkling spring water. Each can provides 50% of your daily recommended vitamin B5, B6 and B12 to naturally energize and reduce fatigue. Blended with Brazilian guarana fruit, pear, and apple, it's the perfect thirst-quencher for an active lifestyle. Low sugar, low calorie, vegan; that's feel-good everyday energy. 

For/Me Functional Shots (Brazil) 
Get your daily dose of self-care with For/Me functional shots. Co-created by doctors and nutritionists, and in partnership with Brazilian influencer and celebrity, Paolla Oliveira, each 100 ml bottle contains zero added sugars and is low in calories. The shots come in three versions, each created to complement your daily life: Enhance for/me to help with one's immune system; Charge for/me to help with mood; and Chill for/me to help with relaxation. 

Fusion Energy Drink (China) 
E-gamers looking for a healthier, better tasting, superior energy boost can find that and more in Fusion. Sparking a new trend among Chinese consumers, Fusion was created to meet various needs when gaming or going about daily life. It's offered in three energy levels, each with different ingredients, to deliver an instant energy boost, sustain energy and replenish hydration.  

Pony Malta Vital (Colombia and Ecuador) 
For nearly 70 years, Pony Malta has been a popular no-alcohol malt-based beverage in Colombia and Ecuador. In 2019, the brand introduced Pony Malta Vital, a new low-sugar version of the beloved brand made with natural ingredients and 40% less sugar, fortified with zinc and twice the amount of B vitamins. 

Zalva Water (Colombia) 
Health and environmental consciousness meet with the purchase of Zalva Water. All proceeds from the purpose-led brand help protect one square meter of the High Andean Wetlands of Santurbán in Colombia. To date, millions of bottles (made with 100% recycled PET plastic) have been sold, protecting more than 27 million square meters of wetland. 

Guaraná Antarctica Natu (Brazil) 
This version of the iconic Brazilian soda, Guaraná Antarctica, has 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives and no artificial dyes. Made with the natural extracts of guarana, with pear, apple, carrot and hibiscus, and sweetened with stevia, Guaraná Antarctica Natu has only 38 kcal. It's the perfect way to enjoy classic Guaraná Antarctica flavors while pursuing a healthier, lighter lifestyle. 

Take Two (U.S.) 
Take Two aims to zero out food waste and champion circularity as the roadmap to a sustainable future. The brand crafted the first-ever Barleymilk, using upcycled spent grain, to satisfy the craving for a plant-based milk that's delicious, nourishing, functional and sustainable. The creamy, smooth and rich finish of Take Two Barleymilk is perfect for drinking by the glassful, using in recipes and foaming in barista-quality beverages. 

Do Bem Juices (Brazil) 
These little boxes are packed with flavorful natural juices without preservatives or artificial colors. Offered in a variety of flavors ranging from lemonade, mango and guava, to peach and cashew, they definitely earn the name “Do Bem” which means ‘do well'. In addition to Brazil, Do Bem Juices are also available in select markets in Paraguay, Colombia, Spain, Portugal and France. 

Tônica Antarctica (Brazil) 
Born in 1914, Tônica Antarctica was the first Brazilian tonic water and is still the market share leader today. It combines carbonated water with extract from the chicona (quinine) plant which is known to aid in digestion. Featuring a natural and light flavor, Tônica Antarctica also comes in lime, ginger and zero sugar options. 

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