Bavaria helping Colombia's small businesses, front lines and most vulnerable fight COVID-19

Posted: April 30, 2020
Bavaria helping Colombia's small businesses, front lines and most vulnerable fight COVID-19

 “It's in our hands” is more than a call to action for our Bavaria colleagues in Colombia - it's a commitment to help solve national challenges brought on by the pandemic.

With residents confined to their homes and vulnerable communities unable to access groceries, our colleagues and partners loaded our delivery trucks with supplies to feed more than 1.8 million people. A new free online ordering and delivery service, called Tienda Cerca, was also launched allowing small neighborhood grocers and shops to stay open and serve their customers.

We're also keeping communities safe and healthy. In partnership with Binner, surplus alcohol from brewing our no-alcohol beers is being turned into hand sanitizers for healthcare workers on the front-lines. Also being delivered are 30,000 protective face shields using recycled PET bottles, in addition to 2,000 beds and 300 coolers to refrigerate COVID-19 tests at hospitals and laboratories across the country. 


On May 13, a new emergency hospital, co-funded by the Bavaria Foundation, opened in Barranquilla to better serve patients suffering from the virus. The emergency hospital expands the capacity and eases the pressure of care at the Cari hospital center. The hospital is endowed with 50 beds, 40 of them for basic care and 10 for intermediate care. Additionally, it has medical equipment such as monitors, defibrillators, ventilators and infusion pumps, which will support the care of patients infected with Covid-19. The assembly of the hospital, which was carried out in a record time of 15 days, was carried out thanks to teamwork with the Ministry of Defense and the Atlantic Government, who supported construction with transportation of supplies, logistics and the help of qualified work.

These initiatives are just a few examples of what our colleagues and partners are doing around the world with ingenuity, agility and true sense of ownership. See more about AB InBev's response to the pandemic here.

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