Belgium lends support to communities, consumers and customers in fight against COVID-19

Posted: May 06, 2020
Belgium lends support to communities, consumers and customers in fight against COVID-19

AB InBev has been playing a role in the local communities of Belgium for centuries. During these challenging times, it is only natural that InBev Belgium is stepping it up for its communities, consumers and customers.


We're supplying Belgian hospitals and the healthcare sector with 50,000 liters of ready-to-use disinfectant and 12,000 bottles of hand sanitizer - supporting our health services as they work on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the Research Pilot Brewery of AB InBev, located in Leuven, Belgium, has also been donating its ethanol to pharmacies within the local community, so they can produce their own disinfectant and hand sanitizer.




As emergency and health care workers do their part to keep us safe, we are doing our part to encourage & support them. As a thank you to our healthcare workers, we have delivered free 0.0% beers all over the country, including 380 Belgian hospitals and nursing homes. 


We are donating 200 used laptops to Digital For Youth. In these challenging times, there are families who do not have a computer to support their children's learning from home. That is why we want to do our part to guarantee proper home education for as many children as possible while schoolwork is being done outside of the classroom.


To support our customers and bar owners, we developed Café Courage – an online platform where consumers can pre-order and pay for their favorite beer at participating bars. Consumers can make a donation via the website, which goes directly the bar of their choice. When bars are allowed to open again, consumers will be able to enjoy the fresh beers they pre-ordered. For every order made, AB InBev Belgium has pledged to match donations in free goods, up to 3.6 million pints of beer. To date, Belgian consumers have ordered more than 158,000 beers and the program has raised almost half a million euros.

Building on the success of Café Courage, AB InBev and Google are joining forces to familiarize café and restaurant operators with digital extensions of their businesses. By using Google Digital Atelier, managers are able to learn through three free online sessions how they can further promote their business via digital media to their customers.


Jupiler, one of Belgium's most beloved beer brand, launched the “Defer your Birthday” campaign encouraging consumers with birthdays in March and April to ‘choose a new birthday' once the lockdown is over to make-up for missed celebrations with friends and family. Over 70,000 Belgians signed up within just 48 hours of the campaign launching – about 10% of all Belgians of legal drinking age born in March and April!


Leffe has also lent its support during these times. As part of a joint effort between our Belgian business, La Lorraine Bakery Group and Delhaize supermarket, we donated kegs of Leffe Blond and Leffe Brown destined for Belgium's bars and restaurants to the bakers at La Lorraine to make a special Leffe beer bread.  For every five loaves sold in Delhaize stores, a family size loaf is donated to Belgian food banks.

These initiatives are just a few examples of what our colleagues and partners are doing around the world with ingenuity, agility and true sense of ownership. See more about AB InBev's response to the pandemic here.


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