Brazil: Naresponsa

Posted: April 25, 2017
Brazil: Naresponsa


Since 2010, our colleagues in Brazil have partnered with local NGOs on a responsible drinking program aimed at adolescents in low income communities. NaResponsa's main objective is to tackle underage drinking through two main avenues: first, creating a network of local NGOs and equipping them with material and language to instill alcohol literacy among their target audiences; and, second, through an online communications platform for teenagers, engaging them with content that reinforces the idea that they can still have fun without consuming alcohol.

In 2016, our team focused on developing a toolkit that would equip partner NGOs with our latest research on how to best teach kids to develop the socio-emotional competencies necessary to cope with the pressure to drink. The program focuses on training teachers, psychologists, community leaders and other educators to teach these vital skills to at-risk children through sports, art and other cultural and leisure activities.

In addition to training teachers and community leaders, NaResponsa also trains shopkeepers and other retailers about the importance of not selling alcohol to minors.

Since the program's launch, around 20,000 teenagers have participated in NaResponsa workshops and training, close to eight million have engaged the program's online communications channels and nearly 6,300 educators and community leaders have been trained to conduct NaResponsa's workshops and events with our messaging and toolkit.

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