Budweiser China's COVID-19 response continues to inspire teams around the world

Posted: May 06, 2020
Budweiser China's COVID-19 response continues to inspire teams around the world

Our colleagues at Budweiser Brewing Group China were the first of our teams impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Supported by colleagues across our markets, the efforts of the team in China were remarkable, and their experience and insight continue to inspire our operations around the world. 

To help combat and contain the initial COVID-19 outbreak, Budweiser China donated funds and resources worth 11 million RMB to fight COVID-19. This included: 

  •  5 million RMB in cash, 4 million RMB in medical supplies, and 1 million RMB in emergency purified water to support the front line of Wuhan with practical actions. 
  • 1 million RMB in cash from the Harbin-AB InBev Urban Development Foundation to the anti-epidemic center of Pingfang district government of Harbin to provide practical help and support in the community. 
  • Factory disinfection materials to the construction contractor of Wuhan Leishenshan hospital to support the construction of Leishenshan hospital. 

Budweiser China's cash donation, under the coordination and guidance of the Hanyang District Pneumonia Control and Treatment Headquarters, was appropriated to help with in-outbreak provision of anti-epidemic materials, volunteer insurances, protective gears and living allowances as well as used to support post-outbreak public affairs such as improvement of community public health facilities and public health education. 

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Budweiser China's business continues to evolve – but the team has been carefully observing emerging trends to meet consumers where they are and finding ways to offer support to partners. This includes launching new in-home consumer experiences, such as weekly DJ livestreams and e-gaming events, and reallocating resources where possible to support business partners and consumers through this difficult time. 

These initiatives are just a few examples of what our colleagues and partners are doing around the world with ingenuity, agility and true sense of ownership. See more about AB InBev's response to the pandemic here


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