CDM and Mozambican Minister of Health welcome arrival of COVID-19 vaccines

Posted: July 01, 2021
CDM and Mozambican Minister of Health welcome arrival of COVID-19 vaccines
  • CDM's $1 million USD donation towards the purchase of vaccines will protect people and prevent the spread of COVID-19

A significant investment made by Cervejas de Moçambique (CDM) into the purchase of vaccines for Mozambique will ensure that people who are vaccinated can help to protect even more people around them, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

CDM's Corporate Affairs Director, Hugo Gomes said, “Our donation of $1 million towards the purchase of vaccines for Mozambique will help to protect thousands of people in our country, thereby helping to ultimately prevent the spread of COVID-19 while simultaneously ensuring we can reignite the economy. CDM is focused on making a difference in people's lives in Mozambique. Procuring $1 million's worth of vaccines for our nation does just this – it helps to make a difference in our fight to protect people from contracting COVID. CDM is a partner to building a better world for the people we serve.”

[Lt to Rt] Mozambican Health Minister, Armindo Tiago and CDM Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, Hugo Gomes, welcome the arrival of thousands of vaccines in the Mozambique capital city, Maputo on June 30

The Mozambican government aims to vaccinate 17 million people out of a population of nearly 30 million. CDM has demonstrated its full support of nationwide measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Mozambique. Through its networks, and in partnership with government, CDM continues to encourage vaccination and responsible behaviour.

Together with government agencies, CDM launched a campaign promoting safe hygiene and sanitation practices in the main cities of the country. The campaign targets places where people typically gather, such as markets, bus stops and other public transportation. CDM further raised awareness on COVID-19 by replacing all of its billboard and digital advertising with educational messages from the Ministry of Health.

Thousands of vaccines arrived in Maputo on June 30, including those procured with CDM's $1 million USD donation

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