Football for All

Posted: April 03, 2017
Football for All

The grass-roots football initiative of our leading national lager in El Salvador, Pilsener, has found success in bringing communities together and emphasizing the country's love for the sport.

People in El Salvador, like many places around the world, are passionate football-fans. However, the country is one of the most densely populated in the Central American region and has a growing number of low-income families.

Our Pilsener brand team recognized these issues – and that the absence of leisure spaces meant a great opportunity to bring people closer together was being missed. And so ‘Fútbol para todos' (Football for all) was born.

By building small, community-centric football pitches in deprived areas, local people have been presented with safe and open spaces where they can freely, and safely, enjoy sports and other healthy recreational activities.

Pilsener also identified the opportunity for football to build harmony across the country. People learned to respect the established times and rules for the use of these spaces, fostering the values that surround and support healthy communities: solidarity, friendship, and respect.

In addition to building football pitches, the team behind the initiative created alliances with local government and other groups to identify and support disadvantaged members of the communities, bringing them closer together through sport.

Since the initiative started in 2008 – with the building of two football fields, one in the capital San Salvador and the other in its suburb of Soyapango – more than 15,000 individuals from 41 Salvadoran communities have benefited from the modern Astroturf pitches.

And in 2011, thanks to massive interest across El Salvador, an inaugural cross-community tournament was held – the ‘Fútbol para Todos Pilsener Cup' – with the winner having their own community football pitch constructed for them.

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