Harbin Blue Sky Smog-Free Billboard

Posted: April 25, 2017
Harbin Blue Sky Smog-Free Billboard

We are fully committed to realizing our plan for a cleaner world. We have examined our entire value chain to identify opportunities where we can lower our emissions. We also look beyond our walls, and, specifically, to the power of innovation, to see where we can make a cleaner world a reality. This unwavering focus led Harbin Beer to a ground-breaking development in China in the fight against smog, which negatively impacts millions of people every day.

In June 2016, Harbin Beer announced the Harbin Blue Sky Project 2.0 – a partnership with the Institute of Fluid Engineering of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Zhefeng Science and Technology – by unveiling China's first billboard with a smog-absorbing function. The revolutionary billboard has the capacity to purify the air to a 99.7% purity standard. When active, it can clean 480,000 cubic meters of air each day, the equivalent carbon absorption of 5,000 trees, equating to the amount of air 40,000 people breathe in one day.

“Harbin Beer strongly believes that our young generation is the key driver of technology innovations. We hope this smog-free billboard could be an inspiration to them as well as other companies and organizations. Together let's make the city free of urban air pollution, thus keep a permanent blue sky, so everyone in Harbin can live a better and happier life,” said Jean Jereissati, President of AB InBev APAC North. 

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