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Helping our favorite hangouts: AB InBev launches programs to support local pubs, bars and restaurants

Posted: March 27, 2020
Helping our favorite hangouts: AB InBev launches programs to support local pubs, bars and restaurants

We are a global family of local brewers. Our beers often play an important role in their communities beyond just being enjoyed in neighborhood pubs and restaurants. The vast majority of our ingredients and products are sourced and brewed locally, giving our company a unique role to be a positive force in helping our communities thrive. We are proud and privileged to be able to call many hard-working people in the hospitality industry our customers and partners. 

At AB InBev, we believe in bringing people together for a better world. Today, our purpose is more important than ever. Around the world, local pubs, bars and restaurants have been forced to close their doors as part of the measures announced to contain the spread of COVID-19. These are the places that we gather with our friends and our colleagues. In many ways, they are the heart and soul of our business. In response, we have launched a series of initiatives to prompt financial support to local pubs and bars facing uncertainty during this time.

To help, our e-store, Beer Hawk, along with Master of Malt in the UK,  have launched the Hospitality Support Alliance, supported by the Budweiser Brewing Group. Their “Save the Pubs” campaign will donate £1 for every order placed on any of their websites to a fund supporting hospitality workers who are struggling to make ends meet. Our partners at hospitalityaction.org.uk will administer this fund and make sure the grants get to the individuals who need them the most. All online retailers are invited to join the Alliance and help support our friends in the hospitality industry. Also recently launched in the UK, and quickly expanding to France, the “Save Pub Life” campaign offers consumers the chance to buy a gift card to spend at a local pub at a future date. Budweiser Brewing Group will match the value of the gift card up to a combined total of £1 million.

In Belgium, we opened Café Courage – an online platform where consumers can pre-order and pay for their favorite beer at a participating bar. In addition, consumers can make a donation via the website, which goes directly to their favorite bar. When bars are allowed to open again, consumers can enjoy the freshly drafted beers they ordered. For every order made, AB InBev Belgium will donate the same order in free goods up to 3.6 million pints of beer. In just a few days, Belgian consumers have ordered more than 20,500 beers through this platform.

In The Netherlands, the #HelpDeHoreca movement, organized by the national hospitality industry association, is offering consumers the opportunity to buy beer vouchers for the future. To help create awareness among consumers, we're donating free advertising space on billboards. In addition, our teams are tailoring their support for on-trade outlets by retrieving opened containers and tank beer from AB InBev brands and replacing them with full containers free of charge and postponing rent for the month of April for all catering establishments that rent a property from us, and other customized solutions depending on the needs of each establishment. 

In Brazil, Stella Artois launched the #ApoieUmRestaurante campaign with partners Chefs Club and Stone. Consumers have the opportunity to help their favorite local restaurants by purchasing a R$50 voucher. This voucher will be complemented to R$100 by Stella Artois and directly donated to the local businesses. Participating consumers are able to use the full credit at their restaurant of choice in the future.

In Canada, we are funding promoted Facebook ads from local bars' Facebook pages to advertise delivery options for hospitality partners, as well as promoting open hours and multi-pack promotions for sales off-premise.

These are just a few examples.  With a sense of urgency, our teams around the world continue to explore opportunities in which we can support our business partners in this challenging environment.  So, more to come.

In these unprecedented times, we remain committed to bringing people together now and for the next 100 years and beyond – even if we're at a distance.

We are in this together. 


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