Is Goose Island Migrating to a Town Near You?

Posted: May 14, 2017
Is Goose Island Migrating to a Town Near You?

Goose Island is one of our best kept secrets internationally, but not for much longer!

Taking in more than 20 cities across three continents, the Goose Island Migration Weeks are your chance to meet members of the Goose Island brewing team and sample their handiwork.

Check out if a Migration Week is coming to a city near you.

And it doesn't stop there. Part of the AB InBev family since 2011, our Chicago-based craft brewer has more exciting plans to enable people across the world to enjoy a taste of the American craft beer revolution.

Goose Island owes its success to the taste buds of founder John Hall, who developed a love of well-crafted European beers during his travels. In 1988, he set about bringing some of this ‘old world' brewing know-how to an American audience, opening a small brewery in his home town of Chicago, which he named after the only island in the Chicago River.

At that time, the term ‘craft beer' was virtually unheard of, but Goose Island was among the pioneers in bringing the art of brewing closer to the consumer; inviting the public into the brewery and challenging their taste buds with European styles such as Pilsner and English Bitter.

So successful did the brewery become, it was able to move to new and bigger facility in 1995. Today it is more than double the size of its original floor plan, and brews an extraordinary range of beer styles 24/7.

Among the best-sellers are classic ales such as Goose IPA and 312. The former is an English style India Pale Ale with a fruity aroma, set off by a dry malt middle and long hop finish. The latter is a golden-hued wheat ale, with a spicy aroma of Cascade hops and a crisp, fruity flavor.

Goose Island has also created a host of limited release beers to mark seasons and special events, as well as giving its brewers an opportunity to explore beer styles that interest them. There's even a beer brewed specially for the city's newly-crowned World Series champion baseball team, the Cubs.

Meanwhile, the master brewers of Belgium are celebrated through Goose Island's ‘Vintage' range of ales. Carrying names such as Juliet, Lolita and Madame Rose, these complex brews pay homage to legendary Belgian beer styles including Tripel and Trappist ales.

Last but not least, Goose Island's brewing team pioneered the deep, dark world of barrel-aged stouts, to produce the Bourbon County Stout range; so-called because these dense and full-flavored stouts are aged in bourbon barrels for around a year before bottling.

If you miss #MigrationWeek, Goose Island is opening new brewpubs in major cities across the world, including Monterrey in Mexico, São Paolo in Brazil, Seoul in South Korea and Shanghai in China, with more in the pipeline.

They've also launched a Vintage Ale House concept in London, United Kingdom, which has an upmarket flavor and features all day food alongside a selection of its Vintage beers.

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest locations here.

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