Parental Leave Policy

Posted: May 23, 2018
Parental Leave Policy

Celebrating Life, Our People and Families: Announcing Our New Global Parental Leave Policy

We are excited to share our new global parental leave policy, which is inclusive of all types of families and to support our colleagues when becoming a parent, whether the child is welcomed by birth or through adoption or surrogacy.

This is a significant step forward for us and for our people.

Why We Made This Change

As one of the world's leading companies, we believe we have not only a responsibility but an opportunity to support our colleagues through important life events. It is good for our business in the long-term and for our people and their families around the world. We are proud to set an example by setting a minimum parental leave standard globally that is available for all parents including same sex and domestic partners. We will continue to challenge our peers in the private sector to take responsibility and to drive positive impact in their industries and communities, as well.

A strong parental leave policy is an important part of a total compensation and benefits offering, and supporting all types of families is a critical component that makes us more competitive. We know that our people are our biggest competitive advantage, and that diversity is good for business as it enables us to better understand and serve consumers, brew beers and build brands that bring people together for a better world.

Designing Our New Policy

All primary caregivers – male and female – will receive a minimum of 16 weeks of time off at 100% pay. Secondary caregivers will receive a minimum of two weeks of time off at 100% pay. Caregivers can be either a mother or father with a new child, whether welcomed by birth, through adoption or surrogacy. Our new policy allows our colleagues to take the time they need to build that crucial bond with their baby before coming back to work. We are also launching In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) leave for colleagues going through fertility treatments.

Our offices around the world are developing local return-to-work programs to help new parents stay connected and ease transitions through leave planning and parental mentorships--two programs that are often necessary in a high-performance culture and fast-moving business like ours.

A Globally Responsible Brewer and Employer

With our global parental standard, we are now exceeding statutory leave requirements for primary caregivers in 33 of the 52 (63%) countries where we operate and 37 of 52 (71%) countries for secondary caregivers.

Our dream is to bring people together for a better world, and that starts with our people and their families.

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