Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a priority at Zambian Breweries where our colleagues are taking numerous actions to promote health and safety across Zambia, in partnership with the national government. 

To promote cleanliness among colleagues, communities and health workers, Zambian Breweries is producing and donating more than 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, including 5,000 bottles to the Ministry of Health. In addition, our teams procured 3,000 face shields for distribution to front-line medical staff, and distributed thousands of face masks to protect all employees and their families. 


Disinfecting public places is another area of focus. Knapsack sprayers, personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies were donated to help in the effort and most recently were used to clean Munyaule Market, one of Lusaka’s busiest markets, attended by thousands of vendors.

Zambian Breweries is also funding a project to ensure water is available in vulnerable communities, and lending trucks to distribute food and other essentials to those in need. To alleviate water shortages and allow for frequent hand washing in densely populated areas, the teams further donated the use of a water bowser (tank) and assisted with the construction of an industrial water borehole. 

Together with public health bodies, Zambian Breweries is reinforcing public health messages via posters, billboards, and a video featuring celebrities and influencers, encouraging the public to follow preventive measures and stay at home.  


These initiatives are just a few examples of what our colleagues and partners are doing around the world with ingenuity, agility and true sense of ownership. See more about AB InBev’s response to the pandemic here.