Launched in 2013, SmartBarley leverages data technology and insights to help farmers solve challenges and improve their productivity and environmental performance.

SmartBarley enables farmers to benchmark their progress and share best practices across our global farmer network. More than 5,000 farmers have participated in SmartBarley so far.

The data gathered through SmartBarley helps to identify gaps and opportunities, which are addressed through a portfolio of agronomic, environmental and management initiatives. For example, our data showed that many farmers in Mexico tend to over-apply fertilizer, which increases cost and has a negative impact on the environment. Our teams are working with farmers to optimize nitrogen use through targeted crop management trials and technology.

Today, we are taking SmartBarley to the next level by using the data to build sustainability metrics and create predictive analytics to help farmers make decisions that will impact yield, quality and resource use. Working with research and agtech partners, we continue to explore further insights we can provide to farmers by pairing the field-level data collected through SmartBarley with other data sources like historical weather and soil data and crop imagery.

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