In Uganda, agriculture is a critical source of income for people across the country.

Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) pioneered the development of Eagle Lager by sourcing natural ingredients locally, helping to create a secure income stream for more than 20,000 smallholder farmers in Uganda. This has also helped grow NBL’s market share 25% since it was created in 2002.

In 2016, we partnered with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to study the impact of our programs in Uganda. This study found that the total household income of farmers in NBL’s supply chain is more than double compared to a control group. Approximately 80% of farmers said their quality of life had improved since joining the NBL initiative.

However, we identified a number of challenges that remain for smallholder supply chains, so in 2016 we also partnered with TechnoServe to help us map key opportunities to optimize our supply chains and enhance our social impact on farming communities. Since then, we have worked together on a program to engage more than 3,000 farmers to improve their yields, livelihoods, and resilience, while working to empower women and youth.