Low-alcohol drinks are more popular than ever. Here's what we've got brewing.

Posted: July 23, 2021
Low-alcohol drinks are more popular than ever. Here's what we've got brewing.

As many cities around the world re-open, folks are ready to enjoy a long-awaited beer at their favorite bars and restaurants. But after a long time away from our usual haunts, many of us are looking for a chill way to ease back into pub life, and enjoy responsibly as we gather again with friends and loved-ones. 

Low-alcohol beers, known as LABs, and moderation are on the rise according to market research firm, IWSR - and we know why. LABs offer a great way to responsibly enjoy the flavors you love with just 3.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) or less. 

Today, AB InBev is the world's largest producer of LABs, with more than 80 no- and low-alcohol beer brands and more on the way as we expand our portfolio to offer even more choices. And thanks to the latest technology from our Global Innovation and Technology Center, our low-alcohol beers are tasting better than ever to meet everyone's preferences, from the IPA-lover to fans of fresh, crisp lagers. 

With low-alcohol beer brands now available in over half our markets worldwide, here's a look at some of what's on offer (or coming soon!) to satisfy your tastes. 

The Flavor Innovator: Hoegaarden 
For centuries Hoegaarden has appealed to lovers of wheat beer with a twist of something fruity and refreshing. For those in Europe, Hoegaarden Rosée is a 3% ABV brew with the subtle taste of fresh raspberries. In South Korea, we just launched Hoegaarden Botanic, a refreshing 2.5% ABV version infused with lemongrass and citrus zest — the ideal sip for summer hangs!

The Wellness Winner: Michelob Ultra 
Already a top choice for the fitness-minded, a new, even lower alcohol version of Michelob Ultra is offered in Chile, Brazil, the UK and other markets around the world. It drops the ABV from 4.2 to 3.5% without losing the light lager taste, citrus aroma and crisp finish that active people know and love. 

The Easy Finish: Aguila
Aguila, our most popular beer in Colombia, offers several low-alcohol options at just 3.4% ABV. Aguila Light is a pale lager with a refreshing finish, or if it's a shandy-style refreshment you're after, Aguila Fusion brings a twist of lemon to its light lager taste.  

The Craft IPA: Goose Island So-Lo 
Yes, you heard right — low-alcohol IPAs are a thing. And this one's a delicious craft brew. Goose Island So-Lo is a full-bodied IPA with a big aroma, citrus and herbal notes with just 3% ABV and 98 calories per 12 ounce can. 

The Lighter Lager: Corona Ligera & Victoria Chingones 
Our brewers in Mexico recently created a whole new category of 1.8% ABV beer with the launches of Victoria Chingones and a 1.8% version of Corona Ligera, which has the same signature Corona taste, but a little lighter on the palette with subtle malt and a dry finish. 

The Ultimate Refreshment: Beck's Ice (India) 
Brewed with 100% pure malt, Beck's Ice has an ABV of 3.5%, with less bitterness than a classic lager and a smooth finish. Recently launched in India, Beck's Ice is a popular choice for urban dwellers looking for a refreshing escape from hectic city life. 

Ready to dip your taste buds into the world of low-alcohol beers? Check out our full line-up of no- and low-alcohol beers on, and remember not to drink and drive and alternate your drinks with non-alcohol drinks.  

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