We choose to work with suppliers who treat people with dignity, respect the environment, and never engage in corrupt practices. We believe in being transparent with our suppliers and have created a Responsible Sourcing Policy to outline our minimum expectations for all suppliers.

Our Responsible Sourcing Policy enables us to cascade our ethical, environmental and human rights principles through our supply chain. In 2017, the policy was updated in alignment with our Global Human Rights Policy. Our Responsible Sourcing Policy is supported by our Supplier Anti-Corruption Policy, covering the expectations we have of our suppliers on issues of bribery and corruption.

Responsible Sourcing
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Supplier Anti-Corruption Policy
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Responsible Sourcing in Agriculture

We recognize there are unique challenges that affect our agricultural supply chains, and we’re developing the tools and approaches needed to better understand them, while supporting farmers with practical interventions. As part of our efforts in agriculture, we partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature to carry out a supply risk analysis covering key social, environmental and economic risks, including human rights risks, for our priority agricultural crops globally.

Learn more about our work with farmers


Responsible Sourcing Training

In 2017, the changes to our Responsible Sourcing Policy were communicated to our Procurement team along with key information on how to embed responsible sourcing into our procurement processes. This was supplemented by in-person training for more than 140 procurement colleagues. The training covered key topics, including: the importance of human rights and the need to embed this into our procurement decision-making processes, an overview of our Responsible Sourcing Policy, and the process to ensure our supplier selections take into account human rights practices.

To further strengthen our internal training, we’re building an e-learning module for our procurement colleagues that will focus on how to embed responsible sourcing into our procurement processes.


Stakeholder Engagement

We take part in industry and NGO initiatives that seek to improve supply chain performance.

We’re a member of AIM-PROGRESS, a global forum of consumer goods companies that  promotes responsible supply chain and sourcing standards covering labor practices, health and safety, environmental management, and business integrity. We actively engage with AIM-PROGRESS through participation in mutual recognition and capability building.

We also engage with others within the sector through AIM-PROGRESS and other forums to help further our approach toward responsible sourcing. In 2017, we worked with Partner Africa, AIM-PROGRESS, Coca-Cola and Diageo to develop a business toolkit to support suppliers and help them to improve their businesses.

We’re also a member of Sedex, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to driving ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. Sedex is an effective management solution that helps us reduce risk, protect our reputation, and improve our supply chain practices.