This report presents Anheuser-Busch InBev’s annual update on key performance data and information for calendar year 2012, and provides data on specific targets in our Better World plan approved by our board of directors. The report structure parallels our Better World focus areas – Responsible Drinking, Environment, Community – three pillars of global citizenship defined in our materiality assessment and supported by our People.

We continued to make great strides in our Better World work – starting conversation, engaging in actions, and most importantly, getting results -- from reducing water use and greenhouse gas emissions, to executing aggressive responsible drinking campaigns, to creating safe work environments, to encouraging employee volunteerism.

Across all the pillars of our Better World plan, we accomplished a number of goals in 2012. It’s all a tribute to the positive impact passionate people can have when they’re determined to make a difference. And while we made good strides, there is still more we can – and will – do.

This report focuses on our key Better World areas:

Responsible Drinking
As the world’s leading brewer, we promote responsible enjoyment of our products around the world. We are adamantly opposed to the harmful use of alcohol and work to be part of the solution through education and targeted interventions on issues such as drunk driving and underage drinking.
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Do more with less – it’s the heart of our commitment to use less water and energy, generate less waste and reduce our emissions, while maintaining our quality standards.
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We take pride in being a responsible corporate citizen and giving back to the communities where we live and work. Whether it’s by creating jobs, paying wages and taxes or encouraging our employees to volunteer, we continually look for new ways to make a sustained impact.
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We focus on attracting and retaining the best talent. Our approach is to enhance our people’s skills and potential through education and training, competitive compensation and a culture of ownership and integrity that rewards people for taking responsibility and producing results.
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Responsible Marketing

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