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Digital Innovation

Zé Delivery: How millions of Brazilians are enjoying a ‘stress-free’ Carnival

Zé Delivery: How millions of Brazilians are enjoying a ‘stress-free’ Carnival

Not everyone in Brazil is taking to the streets for this week’s vibrant festival of Carnival. Nearly half of consumers* say they prefer home-based events and for that, there’s Zé Delivery, AB InBev’s on-demand app for everything needed for a stress-free celebration.

Created in 2016, Zé Delivery is AB InBev’s first digital direct-to-consumer (DTC) product, and its success has served as an inspiration and catalyst for the growth of our DTC business. The connection points and insights brought by Zé have opened new doors for more personalized experiences and enhanced joy for its millions of consumers no matter the occasion.

As one of its biggest moments of the year, here’s what Zé is bringing to the table for an unforgettable Carnival ‘em casa.’

No-hassle hosting

Zé helps eliminate the stress of hosting. No worries about carrying heavy bags from the store or keeping drinks cold in an overstocked refrigerator. Zé Delivery orders are fulfilled by an extensive network of local retail partners, allowing couriers to deliver cold beer in less than 30 minutes in all 27 Brazilian states. In 2022, Zé delivered 62 million orders to over eight million consumers!

Fast delivery of beer (and much more)

For Carnival, couriers are bringing our most popular products to people’s doorsteps, from Brahma Chopp (our draft favorite now available in cans) and Brahma Duplo Malte, to ready-to-drink cocktail Beats Tropical and a new zero-sugar version of our classic Brazilian soft drink, Guaraná Antárctica. And that’s not all: Zé Delivery offers hundreds of other items, including soft drinks, water, snacks, ice, cups and even barbecue essentials.

Man kneeling in a Barley Field.

Brazilian superstar Leo Santana (left) received a special Zé Delivery during his concert at Carnival in Salvador

Bringing joy to the streets of Carnival

Traditionally an on-demand delivery app, Zé is making a special appearance on the streets of Carnival. Zé partnered with over 45 vendors to serve water, offer discount codes and other goods. Vouchers available through QR codes are enhancing safe celebrations, providing access to rides to and from the festival while its "cooler experience" in São Paulo is offering relief from the summer heat.

Man kneeling in a Barley Field.

Zé Delivery launched a massive Carnival campaign, with promotions in the app, online, broadcast commercials, giveaways and activations including a ‘cooler experience’ in São Paulo.

Real rewards

The fast-growing rewards program, Zé Compensa, is giving consumers access to live shows at Carnival, discounts on in-app orders, free shipping and tickets to sports, music and other exciting events.

Post-party bottle return made easy

Hosts also don’t have to worry about transporting empty bottles. Zé Delivery is the only e-commerce retailer in Brazil that sells returnable glass bottles online. When the celebration ends, Zé couriers can pick up glass bottles and take them back to a retailer or distribution hub for sorting, cleaning and reuse.

* Ipsos poll; 46% of participants