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Water Stewardship

Our Goal

100% of our communities in high-stress areas will have measurably improved water availability and quality by 2025. 

More than just a key ingredient in our products, water is a critical resource for the health and well-being of communities around the world. Scarcity of freshwater resources is not just an important issue for our company. It is vital to the economic, social and environmental well-being of our communities.

For progress on our targets see here

Our Strategy

Water is a complex, multifaceted issue that is closely linked to many other sustainable development issues. As the world’s leading brewer, we are focused on being part of the solution to water challenges across our communities and value chain.

We address water stewardship:

  • Within our operations by aiming to drive water use efficiency, responsible discharge and effluent re-use
  • Beyond our brewery by investing in shared water security and watershed health through partnerships
  • In local communities by promoting and supporting water access and disaster relief efforts
  • Across our value chain by promoting water security through our brands, key brewing materials and engaging major suppliers
  • As a company by contributing to the broader water landscape through innovation, policy engagement and thought leadership
Supporting climate resilience and biodiversity

Water and climate change are inextricably linked, as evidenced by more frequent and intense weather events such as floods, droughts, heatwaves and wildfires. Sustainable water management is central to building the resilience of societies and ecosystems and ensuring the continuity of our supply chain.

We developed a water risk assessment tool that leverages external data sources and input from our local teams to review our operational risk globally on a quarterly basis. Using this tool, we have identified and continue to prioritize our sites that are located in high-stress areas.

To help us identify specific local watershed challenges and the appropriate solutions to address them across our high-stress sites, we have developed and implemented a seven-step watershed management process.

Water Stories

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