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Road Safety

Making a positive impact in our communities

Reducing road safety risks is important to our company: our colleagues, their families and our consumers travel the world's roadways every day. Their safety is a deeply personal issue.

We support the ambition, of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)t o halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2030. We believe our company has a unique opportunity to improve road safety and make a significant positive impact in our communities.

Making Road Safety a Priority

As a significant global operator of roadway fleets, road safety is deeply personal to us. And the safety of our 167,000 colleagues, families, communities, and operations is our main priority. This gives us a unique opportunity to take a leadership role in bringing people together to improve road safety and make a significant positive impact in our communities. 

Partnering with Others to Make a Difference

We've partnered with local authorities, academia and NGOs to develop a comprehensive approach to road safety. Through our local road safety initiatives we've helped build data systems that allow local government to manage road safety strategically and efficiently. 

By working with governments, law enforcement, public safety organizations, academia, other companies, civil society, and the UN, we hope that our joint actions will help achieve the global 2030 SDG target. 

Together for Safer Roads

In 2014, we helped establish Together for Safer Roads— a coalition of private companies tackling road safety issues by sharing knowledge, data, technology, and global networks. It's with partnerships like these that we're developing impactful solutions.

Together for Safer Roads’ (TSR’s) Truck of the Future design project was developed to improve fleet safety and save lives by focusing on driver visibility. Driver visibility is related to over one-third of truck crashes with vulnerable road users. 

In 2022, we also partnered with the AB InBev Foundation and TSR to scale the FOCUS on Fleet Safety program, a guide for smaller commercial fleet operators to adopt the effective road safety standards of large companies. This included two major FOCUS trainings: one in Fort Collins, Colorado and one with the American Red Cross Foundation. 


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is the training arm of the United Nations around the world.

“It is through partnerships such as the one we have with AB InBev that we can amplify global efforts in multiple fields. In the area of road safety and the provision of relevant technical support to countries around the world we partner to promote the safety of road users including those most vulnerable to road accidents, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.” 

-Nikhil Seth, UN Assistant Secretary- General; Executive Director of UNITAR 

Together with UNITAR, we have created a unique model for global public-private partnerships.  

We developed an effective methodology that uses data and management techniques to improve Road Safety. And to help give it scale and impact, UNITAR created a toolkit designed to train public officials in a cost-effective manner for governments, leaning on their superb global network.

We are making significant progress in supporting the SDGs , and we have the opportunity to take some of our best practices to do more. 

UNITAR- AB InBev Partnership was founded in Feb 2018 to work on Road Safety an contribute to SDG 3.6 of reducing road traffic injuries and deaths by 50% by 2030. In July 2022 we renewed our partnership for two more years and its scope was expanded to cover Smart Drinking, Entrepreneurship, and Water. 

For more information on UNITAR’s Road Safety Partnership 2022 report click here

From 2019 to 2022, we are scaling up road safety in 34 countries (45 interventions) with global, regional, and local partners like UNITAR, Together for Safer Roads (TSR), governments and local organizations, sharing our knowledge and tools to generate greater impact globally. 

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