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Beyond Beer

Perfectly mixed cocktails, sparkling spritzers and party starters: An inside look at AB InBev's 'beyond beer' portfolio

Perfectly mixed cocktails, sparkling spritzers and party starters: An inside look at AB InBev's 'beyond beer' portfolio
Perfectly mixed cocktails, sparkling spritzers and party starters: An inside look at AB InBev's 'beyond beer' portfolio

If you think there’s more to AB InBev than beer – you're right. Our 1.5 billion USD Beyond Beer business is putting a strategic foothold into new beverage categories, backed by an innovative portfolio of ready-to-drinks (RTDs), canned cocktails and more. 

Beyond Beer is meeting increased demand for alternative beverages and changing consumer preferences. Across all demographics there’s growing interest in drinks with less sugar, more convenience, variety and different flavor profiles. AB InBev’s Beyond Beer portfolio offers options for every taste and occasion, ranging from spirits-based RTDs (the fastest growing alcoholic beverage category**) and real cocktails in a can, to malt-based RTDs and flavored beverages, hard seltzers and spritzers. 

Global brands with local flair 

“AB InBev is always adapting to deliver more of what people want,” said Thor Borresen, Global Vice President of Marketing, Beyond Beer. “Beyond Beer is growing in fast-expanding segments by offering global brands with local flair, and tailoring flavors and packaging to be more culturally relevant and meaningful to consumers.” 

Flagship brands leading the way are Cutwater Cocktails, Brutal Fruit, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and BEATS. 

Cutwater Spirits joined the portfolio in 2019 and has become the leading spirits-based RTD cocktail brand in the United States. Cutwater offers more than 20 perfectly mixed canned cocktails, including margaritas, mules, mai tais and more, made from award-winning spirits, for people who want a real cocktail but don’t have the time or expertise to make one.  

“Cutwater Spirits is at the forefront of premiumizing and expanding the entire RTD category,” Thor said. “It's spearheading a new wave of canned cocktails that redefine convenience without compromising on quality.” 

Developed in-house five years ago, South Africa’s Brutal Fruit Spritzer was created for those who prefer a lighter, fruit-flavored alcohol beverage with a champagne-style fizz. Last year Brutal Fruit grew revenue by double-digits, expanded into markets across Africa and introduced Litchi Sèche, a beloved local flavor from South Africa. 
Joining the Beyond Beer family in 2015, Mikes Hard Lemonade is known for being an easy-to-drink choice and strong accompaniment to beer in many social occasions. Made with real vodka and real lemon juice, the brand is rapidly growing in popularity in key markets of Brazil, Colombia and Peru.
BEATS, our new leading brand is a go-to party starter in Brazil. The ready-to-drink mix delivered double-digit revenue growth in 2023 and introduced an innovative, locally driven flavor at Carnival -- Caipi BEATS -- inspired by the popular Caipirinha cocktail and made with real cachaça spirits.

“We're only beginning to tap into the potential of our groundbreaking Beyond Beer brands across our key markets,” said Thor. “And we predict much more from other brands on the rise, like NÜTRL Vodka seltzer and Flying Fish, our pure play flavored beer that was introduced to nine new markets last year.”  


Redefining the limits 

A decades-long focus on innovation, consumer insights and strategic expansion into fast-growing segments signal a promising future for Beyond Beer.  


An in-house team of data scientists and extensive research into consumer needs and preferences are enabling Beyond Beer to better anticipate trends and develop solutions only AB InBev can offer -- be it state-of-the-art packaging technology, expertise in fermentation, formulation and flavoring, or our advanced route-to-market to enhance the consumer experience. 


To further strengthen AB InBev’s position in the market, we’re making significant investments in research, data, capabilities and talent to gain an even deeper understanding of consumers, categories and the marketplace,” said Thor. “With our scale and expertise, we’re redefining the limits of what’s possible for Beyond Beer.” 



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** EuroMonitor 2022