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Smart Drinking

The Art of Drinking: Four ways to help make every experience with beer a positive one

The Art of Drinking: Four ways to help make every experience with beer a positive one

Beer is part of celebrating life throughout the world. As the world’s leading brewer, we want every experience with beer to be a positive one and a big part of that is helping people make smart choices while enjoying our products.

Because it’s a lower alcohol beverage, beer can also be part of the solution to reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol. It provides consumers with more choice for moderation and responsible consumption -- what we call Smart Drinking.

At AB InBev we embed Smart Drinking across our business, and as a recent study from Georgetown University affirmed, we are an industry leader thanks to our pioneering efforts and significant investments. In dozens of countries around the world, we are continually testing and evaluating ways to help reduce the harmful use of alcohol in our local communities. Whether it be partnering with governments and multilateral organizations like UNITAR , introducing innovative programs or collaborating with partners across sectors to address drunk driving.

Another way we can make a difference is by shifting social norms when it comes to drinking alcohol. To help, we’ve introduced The Art of Drinking - four simple things that anyone (of legal drinking age) can do to practice Smart Drinking and moderation and experience life’s moments with more cheers.

Check out the tips below, share with your family and friends, and start mastering The Art of Drinking together!

The good news is there are more choices than ever when you’re looking to enjoy a no-alcohol beer. AB InBev has a portfolio of more than 80 no- and low-alcohol beers, offered in a wide range of styles and flavors, including Stella Liberte , Bud Zero and Corona Sunbrew 0.0 , the world’s first non-alcoholic beer to contain Vitamin D!

After you drink a beer, drink a glass of water. Staying hydrated while drinking can be as easy as that. Our iconic brand, Corona, is even getting in on it, by creating a simple new ritual to promote the behavior. Called ‘Rewater’, consumers in select pubs return an empty Corona bottle to their server and get it back filled with water, along with their next beer. After a successful test launch, the campaign will be introduced in several markets worldwide this year.

Eating while drinking is another way to practice moderation and pairing beer with food can be fun! Check out these recommendations for enjoying beer with pizza or these tasty comfort foods made with pantry staples recommended by Michelle Tham, Certified Cicerone and Head of Education for Labatt Breweries of Canada.

Simply put, don’t drive after drinking. Think ahead and book a taxi or ride share to make sure you get home safely. Last year our U.S. brewer, Anheuser-Busch, formed a first-of-its-kind coalition with rideshare platform, Uber , and the nation’s largest drunk driving victim services and advocacy nonprofit, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The campaign urges consumers to remember: “If you drink, don’t drive. Decide to Ride.”