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2020 Environmental, Social & Governance Report

Learn more about how we are working to fulfill our commitment to building a better world by integrating sustainability, responsibility and purpose into our
business strategy, actions and thinking. The report covers our approach to
assessing several of the issues most material to our business and outlines the
commitments we have made and the progress we are making against the goals we have set for ourselves in the areas of sustainability, smart drinking and
inclusive growth. It also provides an overview of how our governance and
policies support the inclusion of these commitments in decision-making
processes and the way we do business to adhere to the highest standards of
business integrity and ethics.

Our Policies

We have implemented governance mechanisms and global policies to adhere to the highest standards of business integrity and ethics and to embed our approach to sustainable development in the way we work from leadership through to all levels of our business.

Materiality Assessment 

Our latest materiality assessment was completed in February 2020. As such, the
outcome of the formal materiality analysis does not reflect the major events of
2020, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2017, we formally engaged stakeholders through our materiality review process and the results informed our 2025 Sustainability Goals. Since our 2017 assessment, our business and the world have evolved tremendously. Therefore, in early 2020 we conducted a new
materiality assessment to reflect the aspects most material to our stakeholders
in order to continue to focus on critical economic, social and environmental
issues as a business and community partner. 

Global Smart Drinking Goals

We established our Global Smart Drinking Goals in December 2015 to contribute to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN SDG targets to reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol globally. The goals are intended to serve as a
laboratory to identify and test evidence-based programs, implement them in
partnership with others and provide for independent and transparent evaluation.
We moved from awareness raising campaigns to evidence-based
programs that drive positive social and behavior changes in the communities
where we live and work. 

2025 Sustainability Goals

Our 2025 Sustainability Goals are our most ambitious public commitments yet.
Introduced in March 2018, the goals aim for holistic environmental and social
impact and drive transformational change across our entire value chain. Our
company's leadership and a cross-functional team of nearly 100+ colleagues
designed these goals with the next 100 years in mind, understanding that bold
action built on measurable results is the key to resilience and lasting
positive impact.


We leverage CDP to manage our climate and water governance.  Below are our most recent submissions for the CDP investor questionnaires:

AB InBev CDP Climate Response 2020 

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